Ethereum’s zkSync Era Launches World’s First zkEVM Mainnet: What It Means for Developers and Users

Today marks a significant milestone for Ethereum and zkSync Era, as the world’s first zkEVM Mainnet opens its gates in a permissionless manner for everyone to use.

The completion of robust testing, multiple tier-1 security audits, public contests, and bug bounties, as well as the addition of independent monitoring and risk mitigation mechanisms, now allows developers, projects, and users to build on and bridge funds to experience the power of zkEVM.

The goal of scaling Ethereum is not merely about transaction throughput, costs, or user experience, but rather a means to an end that scales freedom. The concept of trustless, barrierless, permissionless economic cooperation was the inspiration behind the founding of zkSync, driven by the belief that increasing people’s freedom is the most impactful thing one can do to make the world a better place. The elimination of poverty, increased wealth, more fun and creativity, faster scientific progress, and less injustice brought on by corruption and oppression are all possible through increased freedom.

The innate values of crypto can only succeed through mass adoption, where blockchains meet the demands of millions of users. Trustlessness, which makes blockchains valuable, also makes them difficult to scale.

The principle of “don’t trust, verify” means that every node must verify every transaction on the network, making it challenging for a single server to verify all transactions on the internet. However, succinct zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs can enforce the integrity of arbitrarily large computations, verified by anyone with no more than the power of a smartphone.

Four years ago, zkSync realized that ZK technology would be the key to mass adoption and made it their mission to create a simple ZK-rollup for payments called zkSync Lite, which has been live on Mainnet since December 2020.

Two years later, zkSync introduced the concept of zkEVM and their vision to scale Ethereum’s smart contracts without compromising on security, decentralization, cost, or performance. Today, this dream has come true, and the world’s first zkEVM is open to everyone on Mainnet with zkSync Era.

Security is the foundation of the scaling space, and zkSync Era has invested over a year and millions of dollars into testing and auditing all components of the system to ensure it is secure enough to open to the public. With seven independent security audits, three internal audits, two public security contests, an open-ended bug bounty program, and open-sourcing of zkSync Era code, the security approach is prolonged and comprehensive.

The protocol will remain in Alpha while zkSync monitors the system’s usage and TVL, delaying withdrawals, permissioning ZK proof submission, continuously monitoring the system for vulnerabilities, running additional security audits and bug bounties, and creating a security council to allow for emergency protocol upgrades.

While the system has been built and shipped, security improvements will never end, and zkSync remains forward-looking by design. The deliberate design choices made by the team ensure that zkSync Era’s zkEVM launching on Mainnet is future-proof and not backward-looking. It offers the potential to unleash the power of mass adoption and the benefits of increased freedom for all.

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