Ethereum’s Frame Set to Revolutionize NFTs with Mainnet Launch & FRAME Token Airdrop

Frame, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling network dedicated to NFTs, gears up to launch its mainnet on January 31st. Excitement brews not only for the launch but also for the airdrop of its native FRAME token, scheduled for distribution to users engaged in ETH-based NFT trading over the last two years.

The platform has initiated an airdrop claim process, enabling eligible users to secure FRAME tokens via an online portal until January 12th. However, these tokens will become fully functional only upon the mainnet’s official launch at the end of January.

While the project remains discreet about the funding secured and the total supply of FRAME tokens, it has revealed an initial funding round led by Electric Capital. Notably, the involvement of crypto industry founders in this fundraising signifies a collective belief in Frame’s vision of establishing a network owned and shaped by creators and collectors.

Frame took to social media to express gratitude and excitement about its collaborations, highlighting partnerships with Electric Capital and various industry stakeholders, including builders of significant crypto infrastructure and prominent brands within the Web3 space.

Key figures such as @dingalingts, @9gagceo, @LucaNetz, and more have stepped in as advisors and angels for Frame, amplifying the network’s credibility and potential impact in the NFT landscape.

Frame’s mission aligns with a creator-centric ethos, emphasizing the importance of incentivizing creators within the NFT space. The network’s foundational principles revolve around incorporating royalties at the network level, liberating liquidity from platforms that impede creator autonomy, and prioritizing security from day one.

The imminent introduction of $FRAME for governance underscores the community-driven nature of Frame’s evolution. This governance token, initially intended for network governance, holds significant weight with the Frame Creator Fund, emphasizing its pivotal role in shaping Frame’s trajectory.

As the journey unfolds, Frame anticipates further token distributions to active contributors and community members fostering the network’s growth post-mainnet launch. The official token release coincides with Frame’s transition into a network owned and steered by the very individuals driving the NFT ecosystem.

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