EthereumPoW Core Announces Dissolution and Transition to Autonomy

In a landmark decision that reverberates across the blockchain landscape, EthereumPoW (ETHW) has announced the dissolution of its core development organization, marking a pivotal moment in its evolution towards complete autonomy. This decision, a culmination of diligent efforts over the past year, signals a firm commitment to fulfilling promises made during its initial fork from Ethereum.

The ETHW Core team’s tireless dedication and rigorous exploration have validated the feasibility of operating independently, shedding light on the fundamental technical and operational conditions essential for ETHW to thrive without external support. After extensive deliberation and consensus-building within the team, a unanimous agreement has been reached: it’s time to make good on their commitments.

Key components of this groundbreaking consensus include:

  1. Dissolution of the Core Development Team: The unanimous decision to dissolve the ETHW Core development team is a testament to the maturity of conditions necessary for achieving complete autonomy.
  2. Continued Reliance on Proof-of-Work (PoW): PoW, the foundational consensus mechanism of the chain, will remain steadfast and enduring, ensuring the chain’s stability and longevity.
  3. Embracing Decentralized Governance: Striving to become a deity-less public chain, ETHW pledges to adopt decentralized governance, emphasizing inclusivity and community participation in decision-making processes.

As part of the transitional phase towards complete independence, the existing servers will be temporarily entrusted to OneDao for maintenance. This move is aimed at ensuring operational continuity until sustainable, long-term ecological partners align with ETHW’s vision.

Jadal Page, a pivotal figure within the EthereumPoW Core, expressed profound optimism about this transformative decision. “Over the past year, our team has meticulously evaluated and prepared for this transition. We are confident in our ability to maintain the chain’s integrity while embracing a new era of self-sufficiency.”

This momentous decision marks a paradigm shift in the evolution of blockchain ecosystems. With ETHW’s resolute commitment to autonomy, the future holds promise for a decentralized, self-governing blockchain that stands as a testament to the core principles of the cryptocurrency movement.

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