Ethereum Layer 2 “Starknet” Achieves 10x Throughput Increase with V0.12.0 Upgrade

Starknet, the Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network, has announced a significant development in its journey to enhance performance and scalability. The deployment of the new alpha version, V0.12.0, on the testnet brings exciting improvements that could revolutionize Starknet’s capabilities. The upgrade, known as Quantum Leap, aims to address the network’s throughput and latency issues, paving the way for a smoother user experience and increased transaction volume.

Starknet’s roadmap, unveiled in April of this year, had set the implementation of V0.12.0 for the second quarter of 2023. With the recent deployment on the testnet, it is evident that the development progress is on track, demonstrating Starknet’s commitment to timely innovation.

One of the most remarkable achievements of V0.12.0 is the notable 10x increase in throughput. The average number of Cairo steps per second (CSPS) has surged from 30K in the previous version to an impressive 220K CSPS in the latest release. This significant boost in performance can be attributed to the implementation of targeted optimizations, leveraging the power of Rust and the collaboration between StarkWare and LambdaClass.

The integration of Cairo-rs, a highly efficient Cairo runner written in Rust, has enhanced the execution of Cairo contracts, providing users with a more streamlined experience. Additionally, the introduction of the Blockifier, a Rust-based block execution logic, and the inclusion of Papyrus, a local storage solution, have further optimized the network’s performance and responsiveness.

The V0.12.0 upgrade also introduces several key features to improve user experience. The removal of the PENDING status for transactions simplifies the confirmation process and ensures a smoother transaction flow. Developers will benefit from the new get_block_hash syscall, allowing convenient retrieval of block hashes, which are vital for constructing and validating storage proofs.

Another significant improvement lies in the Cairo syntax for smart contracts. The new syntax prioritizes safety and extensibility, providing developers with a clearer understanding of contract interactions and enabling the use of external libraries in future versions.

The release of V0.12.0 marks a crucial milestone for Starknet, but the network’s journey towards performance enhancements doesn’t stop here. Future developments include the integration of LambdaClass’s cairo_native compiler, which promises even greater efficiency and performance gains. The ongoing focus on parallelization will further boost Starknet’s throughput, allowing it to handle increased transaction volumes with ease.

Looking ahead, Starknet’s vision extends beyond performance improvements. The network aims to reduce transaction costs significantly, making it more affordable and inclusive for users. By driving down costs, Starknet strives to empower developers and unlock a broader range of use cases, aligning with its mission to provide a scalable and cost-effective infrastructure for decentralized applications.

To ensure community involvement and consensus, Starknet conducts a governance vote during the deployment of major versions. The current vote for Starknet Alpha V0.12.0 is now live, offering the community an opportunity to shape the network’s future. If the proposal receives a majority of ‘YES’ votes, the upgraded version will be approved for deployment on the mainnet.

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