Ethereum Is Flashing Strong Bullish Signals As Arbitrum Rollup Goes Live This Month, According to Analyst Tyler Swope

High-profile trader Tyler Swope says that Ethereum is flashing encouraging signs with $10,000 potential amid the current market pullback.

According to the analyst, less than a year ago, Ethereum had the biggest change ever to its roadmap in which Vitalik posted the change with this blog “A rollup-centric Ethereum roadmap”:

In the blog, the founder exclaimed “the Ethereum ecosystem is likely to be all-in on rollups (plus some plasma and channels) as a scaling strategy for the near and mid-term future.

“What this means is the main L1 chain will no longer be a smart contract chain…but a settlement layer for rollups and scaling solutions. Smart contracts and dApps will be  built on the rollups, and Ethereum is just going to settle their transactions,”

As the analyst says, the Arbitrum Rollup is coming out this month. In particular, they already are wide open for developers and dApps to build on top of. But it is still not open to the general public and that’s going to change really soon this month, as Arbitrum Twitter says.

In terms of the Optimism Rollup, the crypto KOL says that Optimism is actually in a limited alpha mainnet already. Last month, they announced that Uniswap could be used on the rollup. In the blog, they said:

“Assuming Uniswap v3 sees equal usage to L1, OE should offer up to 10x  transaction cost savings. Additional demand will drive gas costs higher. Transaction speeds will ramp up over the coming weeks and months as the Optmistic infrastructure is tested and optimized at scale, with the end goal of scaling to fully meet demand for low-cost, high-speed DEX trading.”

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