Ethereum Co-Founder Selling The Firm, Leave Cryptocurrency Industry For Personal Safety

Anthony Di Iorio, the co-founder of Ethereum, said he abandoned the cryptocurrency market in part because of concerns about personal safety. He founded Ethereum in 2014 alongside Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood, Charles Hoskinson, Joseph Lubin, and others.


Anthony Di Iorio, one of Ethereum’s eight co-founders

Ethereum co-founder to sell firm quit cryptocurrency industry

Di Iorio was an early Bitcoin adopter and helped finance Ethereum’s development. He founded the blockchain startup Decentral in 2014.

He has hired a personal bodyguard since 2017. No matter where he goes or what he does, the Ethereum co-founder has an escort.

“I don’t feel necessarily safe in this space,” Di Iorio said. “If I was focused on larger problems, I think I’d be safer.”

He plans to resell the current venture Decentral to start a philanthropic foundation in the next year, unrelated to cryptocurrency. The co-founder of Ethereum will be funding the entity from his own holdings, which he declined to disclose, and money he earns from the sale of Decentral, which he valued at a few hundred million dollars.

“I’m a crypto guy and I don’t want to be known as a crypto person. I want to be known as a problem solver”, Di Iorio said.

In recent years, Di Iorio has dabbled in venture capital and startup consulting. In February 2018, Forbes estimated his net worth at $1 billion. Ether price has also more than doubled since then.

In 2013, Di Iorio co-founded Ethereum and the project became the heart of many popular crypto protocols. In 2018, the Ethereum co-founder bought one of the largest and most expensive apartments in Canada. He then spent $22 million to buy a penthouse in St. Regis Residences Toronto in the downtown business district.

“I will incorporate crypto when needed, but a lot of times, it’s not,” he said, referring to future projects. “It’s really a small percentage of what the world needs.”

Despite leaving crypto, Di Iorio doesn’t seem angry with the world he helped create. He simply has other interests as well. In fact, Di Iorio pulled out of Ethereum after his co-founders chose to go non-profit. And in 2019, he stepped down as CEO of Decentral to focus on other endeavors.

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