Ethereum 2.0: Phase 0 stabilized, Phase 1 draft is ready

Diederik Loerakker, who is in charge of technical research and implementation of ETH 2.0, has announced a fast-growing update of progress towards Ethereum’s most exciting milestone in 2020.

Loerakker gave a brief overview of the ETH2 update process. “Phase 0 (also known as the ‘Beacon Chain’) of Ethereum 2.0 is now stable,” he said. “The Phase 1 draft was also completed and based on DevCon cross-shard UX. It’s not perfect yet but gets us back on track after all the phase1 design changes. We can now continue writing tests for Phase 1, and iterate on the finer details of systems like the custody game”.

Finally, network tools have been moved to a new Simple Serialize (SSZ) serialization algorithm standard for all data structures.

Phase 0 ETH2.0 3

Source: Twitter

Loerraker added that the next stage of development would start with the merging of the top three pull-requests in Ethereum 2.0 GitHub.

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