EOS Token Receives Whitelist Approval for Japanese Market, Set to Trade on BitTrade in Mid-September

The EOS Network Foundation has announced that the EOS token has been granted whitelist approval by the Japan Virtual and Crypto Asset Exchange Association (JVCEA). This achievement marks a crucial milestone for EOS as it prepares to enter the Japanese cryptocurrency market with trading scheduled to commence in mid-September on BitTrade, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange formerly known as Huobi Japan.

The approval from JVCEA holds immense significance as it opens the doors for EOS to be traded against the Japanese yen on regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan. This strategic move is expected to not only broaden EOS’s exposure but also enhance accessibility for Japanese users, developers, and investors, effectively expanding its reach within the country’s dynamic blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape.

EOS’s selection by JVCEA comes as a testament to its commitment to transparency, security, and innovation. The rigorous regulatory framework established by the Payment Services Act ensures that crypto-asset providers undergo a meticulous pre-screening process before being permitted to operate. The fact that EOS has successfully aligned with these stringent regulations underscores its dedication to adhering to the highest standards and sets a positive precedent for other blockchain projects.

Yves La Rose, the Founder and CEO of the EOS Network Foundation, expressed his excitement about this development, highlighting the significance of regulatory approval in the Japanese market. He stated, “Securing regulatory approval from the JVCEA is a monumental achievement for EOS, affirming our steadfast commitment to compliance. This landmark approval ushers in new prospects for EOS in the Japanese market, fostering stronger connections with discerning businesses and developers seeking robust blockchain solutions, in particular within the gaming industry.”

EOS has been gaining traction in the Japanese market, particularly with the expansion of Upland, a large metaverse built on the EOS network. This metaverse’s successful integration with Tokyo further solidifies EOS’s presence in the region. Backed by five years of seamless mainnet operation and an Ethereum Virtual Machine renowned for its performance, EOS has earned the trust of both enthusiasts and developers alike.

The whitelisting of the EOS token by JVCEA underscores the network’s reliability and performance, positioning it for continued growth and adoption in East Asian markets. The strong partnerships and consistent track record make EOS a formidable contender in the global blockchain space.

With its low-latency, high-performance EOS VM, the EOS Network is a third-generation blockchain platform designed to facilitate optimal Web3 user and developer experiences. The EOS Network Foundation (ENF), established in 2021, is at the forefront of driving blockchain innovation. Through its community engagement, ecosystem funding, and support for an open technology ecosystem, the ENF is working towards a decentralized and prosperous future.

As the EOS token gears up to make its trading debut on BitTrade in mid-September, all eyes are on this significant development that could reshape EOS’s trajectory and solidify its position as a leading blockchain platform on the global stage. The journey towards broader adoption and accessibility for EOS is indeed underway, with regulatory approval from JVCEA acting as a cornerstone in this exciting narrative.

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