EOS Network Foundation CEO Calls for Action to Hold Blockone Accountable for Failed $1 Billion Investment Commitment

EOS Network Foundation CEO Yves La Rose has issued an open letter addressing the failure of Blockone (B1) to fulfill its $1 billion investment commitment to the EOS network. La Rose proposes two options to rectify the situation and ensure Blockone’s accountability.

La Rose emphasizes the significance of the EOS Network, stating that holding Blockone to its promises will enhance the network’s position and long-term value for its participants. He asserts that Blockone has shown no intention of investing the promised $1 billion in the EOS Network.

The first option proposed by La Rose is taking legal action against Blockone for its failure to honor its investment commitment. La Rose highlights that the EOS Network Foundation is prepared to assist in bringing together EOS token holders interested in pursuing a legal claim against Blockone. It is important to note that this legal action is distinct from the existing class-action lawsuit against Blockone for their initial coin offering (ICO), focusing specifically on their broken promise to invest in the EOS ecosystem.

The second option suggested by La Rose is a hard fork, wherein Block Producers would exclude EOS Tokens owned by Blockone, including their crypto trading platform Bullish, from participating in EOS token trading. This measure aims to sever all ties between the EOS Network and Blockone, thereby increasing confidence in the network and reducing the supply of EOS tokens.

La Rose’s open letter underlines the reliance of EOS token holders on Blockone’s promises during their token purchases until September 1, 2021. He emphasizes the need to hold Blockone accountable for its commitments.

The EOS Network Foundation CEO’s open letter serves as a call to action, urging the EOS community to address Blockone’s failure to fulfill its investment commitment. By taking decisive measures, the EOS Network aims to protect the interests of its participants and bolster the network’s long-term prospects.

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