Elon Musk Says He Can Build His Own Smartphone Under Certain Conditions

This morning (11/26), Twitter CEO Elon Musk said he would make an alternate phone if he had no choice.

Liz Wheeler, the host of The Liz Wheeler Show, the famous podcast for culture, tweeted Elon Musk asking him if he would build his own smartphone under certain conditions, the Twitter CEO said that if it came to that, he would create his own device.

Source: Twitter

Liz Wheeler stated that if Google and Apple decide to boot Twitter out of their app stores, he should “produce his own smartphone.

“If Apple & Google boot Twitter from their app stores, Elon Musk should produce his own smartphone. Half the country would happily ditch the biased, snooping iPhone & Android. The man builds rockets to Mars, a silly little smartphone should be easy, right?“, she tweeted.

She then stated that Elon Musk can build a rocket to Mars by just building. “Shouldn’t a small smartphone be that hard?” Elon responded to the tweet, stating that he hoped these situations wouldn’t happen.

“I certainly hope it does not come to that, but, yes, if there is no other choice, I will make an alternative phone”, the Tesla CEO said.

Some articles add to the story by sharing how the once-rumored Tesla Pi Phone might come to life. Rumors about the Tesla Pi phone have long been circulating, with no official statements regarding its actual production or if it even exists.

Maybe we’ve seen some innovation or something phenomenal from the richest person in the world, but we’ll just have to keep an eye on what he’s up to next.

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