Elon Musk laid out vision for Twitter payments: Dogecoin will become the main currency

Gokhshtein Media’s founder, David Gokhshtein, reiterates his prediction that Dogecoin will replace Twitter’s current payment system.

Gokhshtein tweeted, “DOGE, the official currency of Twitter,” on October 28, the same day Elon Musk bought Twitter. In a recent tweet, Gokhshtein asserts that Dogecoin would be the first currency accepted on social media when Elon Musk introduced his payment system for Twitter. According to him, Elon Musk’s claim that he was working on Dogecoin—which he interprets to mean Twitter integration—was the basis for this.

“I was surprised that Elon said actually ‘dogecoin to the moon!'” he wrote. “He also stated that he into BTC, ETH and obviously DOGE. Said you should have them in your cold wallet and not on an exchange. Said he’s working on DOGE, which I believe meant to integrate it on Twitter.”

While holding a live conference on Twitter Spaces, Elon Musk informed listeners that he was working on Dogecoin and exclaimed, “DOGE to the moon.” After these words, the Dogecoin price rose by almost 14% before the rebound lost steam.

For the first time since taking over the company, Elon Musk outlined intentions for Twitter’s operations, outlining a goal for Twitter to handle payments. The social media juggernaut has advanced by submitting registration paperwork to open the door to receiving payments, according to a filing with the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN. However, assertions and forecasts are currently only conjectured because Elon Musk hasn’t specifically addressed Dogecoin in the context of the proposed Twitter payments.

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