Over 900,000 Twitter followers, the Elon Musk effect, large whales coming, SHIB price up 30% for the day

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) price has surged in recent weeks. As a result of its current Coinbase listing, the price has increased by more than 20% this week alone. At press time, SHIB is changing hands at $0.00001024.


SHIB/USD 4-hour chart | Source: TradingView

SHIB price surges 20% in a week as whale buys more than 6 trillion SHIB

On Thursday September 30, it was announced a SHIB whale bought 6,178,758,122,373 SHIB ($43,838,916).


Source: WhaleStats.eth – tracking the top 1K ETH wallets/Twitter

On Saturday, the same whale bought 116 billion coins, then 159 billion coins, and ultimately 1 billion SHIB coins, all within a few hours of one another on the same day, purchasing a total of 276 billion SHIB.

Accordingly, the prominent YouTube Dogecoin blogger Matt Wallace shared that after the Shiba Inu Floki picture was posted by Elon Musk earlier today, more than 90,000 tweets were published discussing his dog, Dogecoin SHIBA, Floki Inu coin, and other canine cryptocurrencies.


Source: Watt Wallace

All in all, crypto whales have taken an interest in competitor Dogecoin, which has amassed a large amount of SHIB since the coin was introduced on the eToro trading site at the end of June this year.

Additionally, during the last week of July, when SHIB was listed on Coinbase Pro and WeBull, the whales significantly increased their stake in the cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, when Binance and Coinbase listed the cryptocurrency in August and September, respectively, additional SHIB was transferred to cold whale wallets.

It looks like the SHIB community is now anticipating another surge, with the Robinhood app expected to be the next big platform for SHIB listings. As a result, some SHIB supporters are making daily appeals for Shiba Inu to be listed, and even more than 193,000 individuals have signed a petition on Change.org calling for the coin to be listed.

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