El Salvador’s President Bukele Embraces Bitcoin and Garners 91% Approval Rating in Latest Opposition Poll

El Salvador’s President, Naib Bukele, has released the results of a recent poll that show his approval rating is at an all-time high of 91%. Bukele, who has been in office since 2019, has gained popularity for his initiatives to fight crime and improve the country’s economy.

One of Bukele’s most significant moves as president was introducing Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, making it the first country in the world to do so. The move has been closely monitored by international organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, but El Salvador has continued to make progress. The country recently repaid its government bonds in full, amounting to $800 million, and its credit rating has improved as a result.

Despite these successes, Bukele’s government has faced criticism from human rights groups for its handling of gang violence in the country. The president has been accused of human rights violations for segregating and imprisoning gang members in isolated prisons, where they are sometimes transferred while wearing only their underwear. Bukele has defended these actions, arguing that they are necessary to combat the violence and protect citizens.

The latest poll results show that Bukele’s tough stance on crime and his efforts to improve the country’s economy has been well-received by the majority of El Salvadorians. In his tweet announcing the poll results, Bukele appeared to mock the opposition, stating that if they are only at 6%, he wonders what the actual approval rating is.

Bukele’s high approval rating could indicate a shift in the political landscape of El Salvador, with voters showing support for his policies and leadership. However, as with any poll, there are always questions about the methodology and sample size, and it remains to be seen how Bukele’s popularity will hold up in the long term.

Overall, President Naib Bukele’s approval rating of 91% reflects his success in introducing bold initiatives such as making Bitcoin legal tender and fighting crime, despite criticisms from human rights groups. The poll results could indicate a promising future for the president, but as always, time will tell.

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