El Salvador’s president: Bitcoin price in 2022 will reach $100,000 and 2 more countries will adopt it as legal tender

The President of El Salvador’s, Nayib Bukele may have had a field year, amassing over 1,300 BTC since the announcement of El Salvador’s official adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in September. Recently, Bukele has forecasted Bitcoin price for 2022 as below.

2022 predictions on Bitcoin price

Following the historic all-time high Bitcoin scored in November, Nayib Bukele reported avails of $4 million and has since commenced the first phase of a score national 400 standard school projects. With over $140 million stashed up in its trust reserves, the nation is on the verge of completing its first veterinary hospital and is gearing up to become a shining example of Bitcoin success, even though a significant portion of indigenous businesses still remain skeptical about Bitcoin due to growing complaints.

Recently, Bukele had the following Bitcoin forecast for 2022:

But in another development, on the global scene, the IMF and World Bank have equally issued stern warnings, predicting a nebula of uncertainty likely to scare investors around the country’s economy due to cryptocurrency volatility.

Amid the barrage of hurled pessimisms, Bukele has remained an unwavering optimist to the future potential that Bitcoin represents.

“What has been called by international organizations as “The #Bitcoin Experiment”, is nothing more than the world watching how mass adoption changes a country’s economy. If it’s for the good, it’s game over for FIAT. El Salvador is the spark that ignites the real revolution”, In a pre-Christmas tweet, Bukele was quoted as saying.

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