Dymension (DYM) launches Modular Liquidity, a new solution for RollApps

Dymension, a platform that provides infrastructure support for developing RollApps, has recently launched Modular Liquidity, a platform that aggregates liquidity and settlement for Rollup applications. This new solution from Dymension will enable RollApps to access a variety of Modular assets and trade tokens across different networks using Dymension’s embedded Automated Market Maker (AMM).

According to the project, DYM will be the only native asset for all trading pairs available. In later stages, selected RollApps will be able to integrate gradually with this liquidity layer.

Similar to most of the current AMM solutions, Dymension will charge a 0.3% fee, with 0.2% shared among the liquidity providers (LPs) and 0.1% used to buy back and burn DYM tokens.

Dymension is an infrastructure solution that helps RollApps to reduce the cost and liquidity barriers in the early stages. In January 2024, Dymension announced an airdrop for users on popular ecosystems such as Cosmos, Celestia, and Ethereum Layer-2.

The project also launched its mainnet a few weeks ago, but encountered a block verification issue on the first day of deployment.

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