Dust Labs Unifies Degods and y00ts NFT Collections with New Discord Channel de.xyz

Degods and y00ts, two renowned NFT collections by Dust Labs, have closed their respective Discord channels and created a new unified channel called “de.xyz.” The closure of both Degods and y00ts’ Discord channels took place on May 3rd, and the new Discord channel “de.xyz” was introduced. Holders of NFTs from either collection will have the privilege to join the new Discord channel.

Frank, the founder of Dust Labs, introduced the de[id] v0.1 feature alongside the new Discord channel. It is touted as a Web3 profile based on the wallet address linked to the user’s Discord account. Specifically, the Discord verification system will check the assets in the wallet to provide corresponding roles such as Degod Holder, y00t Holder, 333 DUST, and more.

Through this update, individuals holding Degods or y00ts NFTs will have their Twitter accounts followed by these two collections. Currently, Degods and y00ts have 159 thousand and 121 thousand followers, respectively.

Degods and y00ts are two leading NFT collections initially launched on Solana. However, after the Solana ecosystem was heavily impacted by the collapse of the FTX exchange, the project decided to migrate to a new blockchain. Consequently, Degods was deployed on Ethereum, and y00ts was brought to Polygon.

The community of NFT enthusiasts has positively received the integration of the Discord channels, especially considering that both collections had remained relatively inactive in 2023. Since May 3rd, the floor prices of both collections have seen a slight increase. Currently, Degods is being traded at around 10 ETH (equivalent to $17,000), while y00ts is being traded at approximately 2 ETH (equivalent to $3,800).

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