DSI Thailand is beginning to intensify investigation of the Foin damage

As AZCoin News reported, the Foin price – the coin created by Financial.org – dropped by over 99% last month, resulting in many people suffering heavy losses. Most recently, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) is beginning to intensify its investigation of the information to clarify the case further.

DSI Thailand announced the invitation for the victim to share the Foin damage

The DSI formally declares:

“Financial.org victims – those who have been invested in blue-chip stocks by a group of fraudsters using AI TRADING systems – provide information about the incident. Through the QR Code of DSI – link to Google Forms, answer initial questions like investment amount, sender, and return from the system.”


Source: The Department of Special Investigation (DSI)

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On January 2, the Foin price dropped from $ 3,957 to $ 3.12 in just a few minutes. However, the price of Foin is currently hovering at around $ 3.43, according to CoinGecko.

Interestingly, in early December 2019, when prices fell sharply, some people started reporting to the DSI. The main reason that came from the company has stopped paying since 2018, and then it was delayed three times during trading.

Notice from DSI states:

“We need to wait and see the public explanation from the company and see if the victim will get a refund. If you believe you are one of the victims, you can provide information to the DSI. to be helpful for further investigation here.”

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