Dogechain goes live on Polygon Edge, allowing Dogecoin smart contracts capabilities

Dogechain, the official Dogecoin blockchain explorer, is now available on Polygon Edge. Being built with Polygon Edge could imply that Dogechain will now have the intrinsic ability to deploy dApps, create NFTs, or even build blockchain games.

Dogechain now available on Polygon Edge, giving Dogecoin users access to DeFi and Web3

Thus, this provides users with a long-term and cost-effective way to use native Dogecoin with Ethereum smart contract capabilities. Dogecoin users will now have access to DeFi and NFT, paving the way for a new decentralized internet known as Web3.

Polygon Edge has a decentralized Ethereum Bridge solution that enables cross-chain communication. This allows users to send and receive ERC-20 tokens, NFTs and wrapped native currencies from any EVM or Substrate network.

Polygon Edge also has EVM compatibility, allowing developers to integrate Ethereum smart contracts straight into their chains. Meanwhile, this will remain compatible with Ethereum smart contract standards, paving the way for ecosystem interoperability.

In a way, the fact that Dogechain now uses Polygon Edge as its underlying framework makes it EVM-compatible and implies that tokens issued on Dogechain using the ERC-20 protocol can now use in the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. It also has smart contract capabilities, allowing Dogecoin holders to pay gas in DOGE for dApps deployed on-chain.

Michi Lumin, a Dogecoin Core developer, recently tweeted about the Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge built by Blue Pepper.

The Dogecoin-Ethereum Bridge is a technology that allows DOGE to move between the Dogecoin and Ethereum blockchains. Dogecoins can be used like any other ERC-20 token on Ethereum, allowing them to be invested in DeFi protocols and used to purchase NFTs. Dogecoin users will be able to use DeFi, NFT, and all dApps of the Ethereum platform due to this.

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