Do not buy Spark (FLR) token before the Flare mainnet launch

According to the announcement from the official Flare Networks Twitter channel, the software team behind the development of Flare, there is a scammer who has used a domain name impersonating and is selling  Spark (FLR) tokens.

Flare: Fake FLR tokens offered by Stellar-based wallet

The Flare Network is a new decentralized network bringing full smart contract utility to the XRP ecosystem. Flare uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine for smart contract functionality and a similar consensus algorithm as the XRP Ledger. Spark is designed to bring utility to Flare, through collateralization of assets, data provision, governance, and spam prevention via transaction fees.


Flare Networks issued a warning about a new scam targeting its enthusiasts

Reportedly, fake FLT tokens are sold in Lobstr, a centralized wallet based on Stellar. Furthermore, FLR is not the only fake token offered by these scammers. There have also been many previous cases involving DOGE and several other low-cap altcoins.

At the moment, Flare blockchain has not launched in the mainnet, so its native token FLR has not been sold yet. The only way to monetize interest in Flare’s progress right now is to buy FLR IoUs. These assets are available on three major exchanges, Bitrue,, and Poloniex.

However, you also note that the price of FLR-based IoUs has nothing to do with the actual FLR at launch. Here’s a warning from Tim Rowley, an enthusiast and owner of FTSO.AU, Flare’s “oracle provider”.

The reason Flare has had to correct this information over and over is that more and more FLR proxy services are inviting customers. Yesterday, the Use Your Spark service announced support for price broadcasting for multiple trading pairs, including the FLR and XRP.

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