Do Kwon faces transfer to cramped detention area only 8 square meters about 10 people with no beds

Terraform Labs founder and former fugitive Do Kwon is currently facing an uncertain future as he awaits likely indictment for alleged document forgery in a Montenegro jail.

A criminal defense lawyer in the country has informed Protos that Kwon will soon be transferred to a detention area with only 8 square meters, about 10 people, and no beds. The lawyer believes that it will take at least a year to reach an extradition agreement, and the probability of extradition to South Korea is higher.

Montenegro jails and prisons have a reputation for grim conditions of overcrowding and aggressive treatment by staff, as highlighted in a 2020 human rights report by the US Department of State. The lawyer confirmed that “things haven’t changed since the report.” Upon arrest, detainees are held in quarantine for 10 days to ensure they are not suffering from Covid-19.

The rooms during quarantine are reportedly okay, with only one or two people sharing. However, detainees are moved to a general facility after the quarantine period, where the conditions are far worse. Rooms are small, overcrowded, and there are no beds. Detainees are granted a 30-minute “walk around the block” each day and can buy basic goods like cigarettes and coffee from the commissary.

Extradition proceedings have already commenced, as both South Korea and the US have filed their criminal charges against Kwon. However, hopes of a speedy extradition to countries with friendlier prison conditions, such as South Korea or the US, are likely to be dashed.

The criminal defense lawyer told Protos that they think it will be “at least a year” before any extradition agreements can be made. Kwon will first be tried in Montenegrin court for his criminal charges there, which can take around four to five months. If he is found guilty, he may face a prison sentence of six months to five years. Appeals can take at least three to four months, and if an appeal to the higher court fails, Kwon can only appeal to the Supreme Court after serving one year of his sentence.

Kwon denies all charges and has already filed an appeal. However, the appeal is likely to fail, according to the lawyer who spoke to Protos. Kwon will then appeal to the higher court in Montenegro, which can take three to four months. It doesn’t stop the sentencing from being carried out in the meantime. It looks like Kwon will have to get used to the local prison conditions for the foreseeable future.

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