DLive will join BitTorrent to compete with Youtube; users videos will not be able to delete

BitTorrent announced that DLive, the popular blockchain-based content sharing platform, will join the BitTorrent ecosystem and start moving to the TRON blockchain from the Lino blockchain.

DLive and BitTorrent will collaborate to bring peer-to-peer content sharing based on blockchain, including live streaming, to everyone. DLive will advertise their products and services on BitTorrent as well as use the latest hosting services.

Accordingly, DLive will bring peer-to-peer content sharing and streaming capabilities to 100 million monthly BitTorrent users.

DLive launched nearly two years ago, has more than 5 million monthly active users and an active live streaming community. In April 2019, one of the world’s most famous YouTubers, PewDiePie, made its first live stream on DLive. Since then, DLive has partnered with famous YouTubers such as Ninja, James Charles, and Jack Black.

PewDiePie DLive 2

PewDiePie is live on DLive

BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun explains that DLive is one of the leading blockchain-based platforms for video streaming.

DLive will merge its account systems with BitTorrent to integrate the community further, including BLive, the live streaming platform introduced by BitTorrent in early 2019, will be merged into the DLive platform.

DLive will use BitTorrent’s new service for file storage, called the BitTorrent File Sharing System (BTFS).

Tron CEO Justin Sun said BTFS is one of the most massive decentralized protocols in the world and will make it nearly impossible to delete information from the internet. This is an especially attractive ability for some YouTubers who have recently been affected by the platform cryptocurrency crackdown, causing their crypto-related content to be suddenly deleted (Youtube had to admit the mistake and restore the video after the backlash by the crypto community).

BitTorrent plans to partner with influencers on cryptocurrencies to demonstrate how BTFS ensures content is always online. BTFS network will launch in Q1 2020, according to Sun.

The Lino Network

DLive truly decentralized content sharing platform, currently built on the Lino blockchain (previously hosted on the STEEM blockchain), will move to the TRON blockchain as a result of collaboration.

DLive will continue to support the Lino blockchain until the transition to TRON blockchain is complete. Although the Lino blockchain technical infrastructure will be integrated into BitTorrent, the LINO coin used by DLive to pay content creators will no longer be a basic unit of value in the new ecosystem.

The ACE Protocol Foundation, the foundation of the Lino Network, has announced its participation in a strategic partnership with the BitTorrent platform.

Accordingly, the platform will no longer support the Lino blockchain leading network and the Lino coins. The platform is currently working with the BitTorrent platform in its plan to introduce the BitTorrent protocol and BTT token to the Lino community. Details are expected to be provided on January 15, 2020, for Lino coin holders and the Lino blockchain validator.

About BitTorrent

Founded with leading peer-to-peer technology standards in 2004, BitTorrent, Inc. is a consumer software company based in San Francisco. Its protocol is the largest decentralized P2P network in the world, accounting for 22% of upstream traffic and 3% of downstream traffic globally.

TRON purchased BitTorrent in July 2018 to bring systems together to create the world’s largest decentralized protocol for file sharing.

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