DigiTix integrates Chainlink VRF for stable ticket pricing

DigiTix is live consuming Chainlink’s ETH/USD Price Reference Data for stable ticket pricing. They will also integrate Chainlink VRF for heightened security & auditability of their ticket generation process, according to the announcement on July 10.

DigiTix.io is an award-winning digital ticketing platform powered by Ethereum with the purpose of reducing ticket scalping and scamming by offering verifiable smart tickets; tickets that are programmable. All tickets are issued under the ERC-721 NFT standard for its verifiable proof of authenticity feature; if a ticket is used, everyone knows it and can independently verify its status on-chain. With the power of NFTs, these tickets can be programmable and integrated with other smart contracts on Ethereum.

“Chainlink’s architecture and incentivization structure are brilliant. It fosters an ecosystem of secure decentralized oracle networks that provide critical data, which is incentivized to be both accurate and highly available for on-chain consumption,” said Brandon West, CEO of DigiTix.io. “We are excited to leverage Chainlink’s price reference feeds and VRF solution to power a more secure and user-friendly ticketing platform for the next generation of events..”

Chainlink VRF is a random number generator (RNG) that produces tamper-proof randomness which is verified on-chain. We chose Chainlink VRF because each result is available for anyone to independently audit via an on-chain proof. Unlike with centralized randomness solutions, which have no way of providing on-chain auditability and therefore require trust in the off-chain data provider, Chainlink VRF allows our users to prove that our Ticket IDs were generated in a truly decentralized and random manner without any third-party interference. This provides greater security and authenticity guarantees to our users that we did not find in other RNG solutions.

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