Digibyte founder Jared Tate continues to bash Tron’s Justin Sun, calling him a “sleazy premining con artist”

Jared Tate, the founder of Digibyte, once again lashed out against the owners of the Poloniex exchange, including TRON founder Justin Sun after the exchange decided to cancel his enthusiastic cryptocurrency.

Poloniex announced that it would be delisting Digibyte and some other digital assets in the December 2019 update, including Factom, MaidSafeCoin, Omni, Primecoin, Vertcoin, and Viacoin.

On January 25, Poloniex posted a reminder that withdrawals for canceled digital currencies will also be offline. The last day for Poloniex users to take Digibyte and other mentioned assets out of the exchange is January 30.

Back to December 2019, Jared Tate called both TRON’s Justin Sun and Binance’s Changpeng Zhao ‘crooks’. The delisting announcement came soon after Tate spoke out about Zhao and Sun.

In a tweet posted on January 25, Tate described the delisting as a declaration of war. He went on to call Justin Sun, founder of the blockchain network TRON, a “sleazy premining con artist,” regarding the recently formed partnership with Poloniex, in which Sun becomes an investor of the exchange.

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