Developers released the validator launchpad for Ethereum 2.0 on July 27, allowing users to participate in the testnet’s Proof-of-Stake

According to an Ethereum blog on July 27, the team behind Ethereum 2.0 has announced the release of the validator launchpad for the multi-client testnet Medalla. The launchpad is part of the testnet launch phase, before Phase 0, in which the network will switch to Proof-of-Stake (PoS).


With Ethereum 2.0 final testnet set to be released, developers have now opened the doors to validators

The blog stated:

“We’re releasing it now so that you can keep track of, and make deposits into, the upcoming Medalla multi-client testnet. But we’ll continue to fine-tune the interface in the run-up to mainnet launch.”

The next phase will track participants and their balances to help testnet authentication. Users need to set a minimum of 32 ETH shares to run the authentication node. ETH 2.0 coordinator, Daniel Ryan, said that Medalla would only start if at least 16,384 people confirmed a commitment of at least 524,288 ETH. If not reached on August 2, the testnet will launch 48 hours after that milestone.


The number of ETH staking rewards | Source: Ethereum Blog

Trustnodes has reported that more than 150,000 ETH deposits have been made, meaning that the testnet has about 30.5% of validators needed to get ready for the launch next week.

The transaction volume on the Ethereum blockchain recently surpassed Bitcoin for the first time as many users turned to DeFi tokens and stablecoin. While the price of Ethereum did not increase sharply in the second quarter, the token is following BTC’s lead this week, reaching an annual new high of $ 326 today as Bitcoin surpassed $ 11,000.

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