Despite the market, this smart trader made $1.4 million trading ETH and wBTC on the DEX in 2022

The cryptocurrency community on Twitter is thrilled to share the success of a clever DEX trader, whose IQ must be among the highest in the universe if they can make almost $1.4 million in 2022. It’s important to note that BTC is still beneficial despite the market’s decline. He made millions of dollars merely trading ETH and WBTC before ETH also plummeted.

His initial investment will cost 735.57 ETH, and the transaction will begin on February 27, 2022.


After that, even after the LUNA/UST fall, he began trading WBTC and ETH. As seen, on May 9 and May 12, he traded 688 ETH for 1.66 million USDC and 1.66 million USDC for 1.66 million USDT. On June 19, he also purchased 1,723 ETH for $1,66,000,000 USDT. He kept trading ETH and WBTC with USDT/USDC during that time.

Additionally, this DEX trader switched his ETH and USDT to Binance and Bybit. He sent 250 ETH to Bybit, 396,432 USDT to Binance, and 662,537 USDT to Bybit, specifically. The sum of this trader’s 265 ETH earnings is 330,972 USD and 1,058,969 USDT.


This trader traded 750 USD ETH for 904,673 USDC more than 8 hours ago. You may find this trader’s address here.

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