Despite its lawsuit with the SEC since December 2020, Ripple Labs has not stopped growing

Despite its lawsuit with the SEC in December 2020, Ripple Labs has not stopped growing. The company has succeeded in establishing itself, especially in Asia, building a solid reputation. It has developed particularly well in Japan where the financial giant SBI Holdings has adopted its XRP cryptocurrency. Recently, one of the largest banks in this country, Shinsei, launched a campaign. And Ripple finds itself at the heart of the latter.

Shinsei Bank promotes the use of its services with Ripple

According to a tweet from Watcher.Guru on Aug. 11, “  Japanese Bank Shinsei has launched bitcoin and XRP reward programs for customers  .” Indeed, old and new Shinsei customers will be offered Ripple (XRP) tokens until October 31. The bank announced the news on August 10. The campaign aims to promote the use of its services. Indeed, Shinsei said that its customers will be able to earn up to 8,000 Japanese yen in Ripple (XRP), or $60, by performing various services on its platform.

Among the services concerned, there is the opening of an account and the making of a first deposit. Customers who log in to the bank’s portal for the first time will also be eligible to receive rewards. That said, when a customer opens a new account with Shinsei, they get a 500 yen coupon. This amount is equivalent to $3.72.

If the user decides to make interbank transfers, he can earn up to 2,500 yen, or $18.86. Then he has the option to redeem his cash vouchers in both Ripple (XRP) and bitcoin (BTC), in his email.

After the financial giant SBI Holdings, it is the turn of the big Japanese bank Shinsei to adopt Ripple. Analysts believe that Shinsei’s campaign will help improve the place of cryptocurrency within the Japanese banking system.

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