Derivatives based on Bitcoin hashrate data will be released soon

Mining cryptocurrency depends heavily on the prices of coins on the trading market. And as more and more Bitcoin derivatives tools based on Bitcoin hash rate data are established, cryptocurrency mining companies can benefit significantly when the bullish market comes into being. Throughout 2019, despite price fluctuations, mining operations still earned revenue near the all-time high.

Mining cryptocurrency is never outdated

Although quite a few times, the miners rekindled their intention to stop mining cryptocurrency and turn off mining power. However, cryptocurrency mining is still considered to be a large-scale business in 2019. In particular, large mining pools and ASIC manufacturers have once again become the focus of attention. Even Canaan Mining has issued an IPO on NASDAQ, selling its shares through a listed shell company.

Usually, small mining pools are very vulnerable to fluctuations because of the hash rate. Because large mining pools account for more than half of the Bitcoin Blockchain. Therefore, at present, developers are seeking to increase the stability of the cryptocurrency mining market further. They invented a unique product, directly hedge against the fluctuating Bitcoin hash rate in the coming months. In theory, the new product would give more transparent projections of cashflow – a prerequisite for would-be investors.

Michel Rauchs, the author of a Cambridge University, said:

“The trend in hashrate is upwards. Unless miners increase production, they will get fewer bitcoin with the same power. With hashrate derivatives, they can price at risk. ”

As AZCoin News reported, Bitcoin hashrate has fluctuated dramatically over the past few weeks, ranging from 74 quintillion hashes per second, and a standard range near 100 quintillion hashes. During that time, difficulties increased sharply once, then decreased slightly.


Source: Bitinfocharts.com

DAG Global will provide derivatives based on Bitcoin hashrate

DAG Global is a cryptocurrency startup based in London. This start-up also identifies itself as a cryptocurrency commercial bank.

Robert Andersen, a leader at DAG’s digital asset sales, said:

“As the hashrate changes, you can go from being profitable to losing money very quickly. The contract ensures you against that. Consider like insurance, and for that, you pay a premium. ”

GSR is also preparing to build a product based on hashrate risk. However, the market as nascent and may delay the launch by months.

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