[Deribit] Launch of our new Multicast service

As of Wednesday 13 April 9 AM UTC Deribit will activate a development feed for Deribit’s new Multicast service.

This new service is only available for colocated or cross-connected clients in Equinix LD4 and not for clients connecting via the internet (as multicast over Internet or public networks in general has never been implemented). Deribit is the first crypto derivatives exchange to offer Multicast.


  • The events are sent in UDP multicast packets using the SBE (Simple Binary Encoding V1) format.
  • Deribit Multicast is optimized for low latency encoding and decoding while keeping bandwidth utilization reasonably small.
  • A LUA Wireshark dissector plugin has been created that allows Wireshark packet capture/analysis tool to display the content of the multicast packets.
  • Deribit will not charge a fee for this new feed.
  • Please find a SBE decoder for dev purposes here.


  • Deribit will activate Multicasting as a development feed on channel 10 and 110 (USDC Perpetual production data) Wednesday 13 April at 9 AM UTC.
  • The production launch of the full feed (all instruments) depends on client feedback but is aimed to be launched before the end of the month.


  • The feed will be made available to all clients connected to Deribit in Equinix LD4 which includes colo clients and cross connected clients. We’re looking into integrating it into AWS as well, but that will not be available from the start.
  • Whether the cross-connected clients (not in our colo rack) can use the solution depends on the ability & willingness of the connectivity solution provider.
  • In case clients do not want to receive this feed over their network, they can request deactivation by mailing systems@deribit.com using their registered email and confirming the server’s IP address.

Supporting vendors:

Website: Link
Email: a.karpichenko@avelacom.com
Telegram: @alinakarpichenko

Website: Link
Email: martyna.stepien@beeksgroup.com

ROQ Trading
Website: Link
Email: info@roq-trading.com

Website: Link
Email: info@ultrafxvps.com

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