[Deribit] Deribit API data: Crypto Derivatives Risk Management and Options Analysis

Advanced crypto asset portfolio management strategies and tools.

Easily access live trading account data including orders, trades, balance, P&L, margin, greeks & more. Learn how to perform complex analysis & market risk calculations with simple, automatically refreshing formulas using Cryptosheets.

This article highlights several use case examples from an institutional crypto fund manager including (actual) screenshots of advanced dashboards & models they have built using the Deribit API integration with Cryptosheets. This content is intended for active traders, analysts, institutional investors, portfolio managers and advanced operators.

In this article we will:

Example Crypto Fund Dashboard automatically updating in real time with positions, counterparty exposures, P&L, market betas and much more.

Deribit has been the best in class crypto options exchange since their inception. Their experienced team, outstanding tech stack, markets and a well maintained, comprehensive API service represent a competitive edge when applied using Cryptosheets.

Crypto derivatives are a critical necessity for mainstream institutional adoption. Options are often used by the most sophisticated funds & trading desks for managing risk.

Deribit is one of the only directly & natively integrated secure exchange APIs (outside of enterprise accounts). This is a genuine gamechanger for options traders, analysts & portfolio managers from small to world class funds who can easily access their entire Deribit account including all the available & advanced data — from the comfort and familiarity of their Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

  • Securely connect to your Deribit account & subaccounts.
  • Access the entire Deribit API including public & private endpoints.
  • Leverage Cryptosheets tools including global parameters & technical indicator functions with any Deribit data.
  • Automatically refresh any API endpoint data at any custom interval.
  • Combine data including Genesis Volatility (using the fully integrated Gvol.io API) to build dynamic risk management models.

How to get data

This article highlights the unique advantages of using the Deribit API through Cryptosheets including several ways to leverage the platform to easily access real time account & market data.