CryptoStruct expands into Options Trading on Deribit

CryptoStruct today announced that it has now fully integrated options trading on Deribit into its low-latency trading solution.

For the very first time, clients are able to trade options which gives them another possibility to generate trading profits or to hedge positions. By using CryptoStruct, clients will also benefit from Deribit’s low-latency multicast feed in London.

Thomas Schmeling, Managing Director of CryptoStruct, said:

“When clients who already use and appreciate our low-latency trading solution for spot trading and futures asked us to also support them on options, Deribit, the by far leading venue for crypto options, was of course our first choice. We are very happy to strengthen our very good relationship with Deribit by now supporting all available instruments out of Deribit’s colocation in London LD4.”

Luuk Strijers, Deribit’s Chief Commercial Officer commented:

“Through this integration, CryptoStruct is expanding the crypto derivatives ecosystem, which allows a wider range of traders to properly hedge their investments with options or use other options trading benefits. Deribit’s low-latency trading and market data solutions provide crypto options traders with a distinct and transparent competitive advantage over other market participants, and we are excited to bring this to CryptoStruct’s esteemed clientele.”

About CryptoStruct

CryptoStruct is an independent software vendor that provides normalized low-latency market data and access to various crypto exchanges globally. CryptoStruct allows its clients to focus on the development of new trading ideas and strategies rather than allocating valuable resources for maintenance work. The sophisticated and easy-to-use software development kit enables a quick strategy implementation which can be easily backtested within the CryptoStruct framework by using historical tick-data for all markets supported. CryptoStruct’s high-performance processing is key for its scalability, allowing hundreds of millions of messages to be sent per day in an unlimited trading universe. As trading strategies are the most valuable ‘secret sauce’ for proprietary trading firms, trading servers can run fully detached without access or visibility to CryptoStruct.

Deribit is a leading crypto futures and options trading platform based in Panama City, Panama. Deribit’s state of the art system architecture ensures the fastest performance in the market, making it the first choice for algorithmic and HF traders. Deribit was the first to launch European style cashsettled options on BTC and ETH, and have pioneered functionalities like multi-instrument block trade, market maker protection, and portfolio margin for crypto derivatives. Furthermore, Deribit remains the market leader in crypto options and continues to set the standard for the rest of the industry.

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