DeGods NFT Collection Unveils Season III with Controversial Downgrade

NFT collection DeGods has announced the release of Season III, marked by a significant design overhaul that has sparked both intrigue and skepticism within the crypto community. The bold move by DeGods reflects a growing trend among global brands to simplify their logos and increase recognition, a trend that has seen traction since the 2010s.

The announcement, made on August 14th, took the NFT world by storm as DeGods unveiled their “Downgrade” concept. The project’s team admitted to a previous misjudgment in their approach, stating, “We thought DeGods needed to be ‘serious.’ That was our mistake. After digesting the community feedback, we realized that we were wrong. DeGods are fun. So, we made them fun.”

The focal point of the Season III update is the deliberate shift towards simplicity. The new DeGods NFTs feature flat designs with minimalistic details, abandoning the use of shadows and embracing highlight tones on select traits. This minimalist maximalism approach was influenced by renowned artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Hiroshi Nagai, assorted vintage comic illustrators, and the creative work of @AREdotNA boards.

To involve the community in the creative process, DeGods introduced a tool that allows holders to experiment with thousands of Midjourney prompts, enabling them to customize their DeGod traits freely through the project’s Discord channel. This move signals a push towards integrating AI technology and making it more accessible to the community.

However, not all responses have been positive. One of the most contentious decisions of the Season III update is the postponement of Female DeGods. The project’s team intends to gather more feedback from the women in their community before proceeding, highlighting their commitment to inclusivity and responsiveness.

While some NFT investors laud the innovative direction taken by DeGods, praising the team’s willingness to “downgrade” their NFTs in a show of support, others remain skeptical. Critics argue that this move is indicative of a lack of creativity and progress in the NFT space, particularly after a prolonged downtrend that has seen significant price drops and investor disillusionment in leading NFT collections.

One particular point of controversy is DeGods’ pricing strategy for the Downgrade. The NFTs are initially priced at 333 DUST (equivalent to 606 USD), with a gradual reduction of 33% every 30 days. This pricing structure has led some to accuse DeGods of attempting to extract additional value from their supportive community.

The Season III Downgrade has ignited a broader conversation about the recent trend towards minimalism in the NFT world, exemplified by artists like Jack Butcher with his Open Edition collection. However, this trend has also generated heated debates, as seen in the case of Azuki’s controversial Elementals collection.

As DeGods takes this bold step into Season III, the crypto community remains divided, with some embracing the change as a sign of innovation and adaptability, while others question the implications of the Downgrade on the NFT landscape. Only time will reveal the true impact of this daring move by DeGods.

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