DeFi protocol on BSC PancakeHunny was attacked by a flash loan, HUNNY price plummeted by 50%

According to blockchain data, PeckShield has sent out a warning that PancakeHunny, the DeFi protocol on BSC, has been attacked by flash loans. In which, HUNNY price decreased by 50% within a short time.


HUNNY price | Source: CoinMarketCap

Binance Smart Chain’s PancakeHunny latest to suffer a flash loan

Binance Smart Chain has become a hotspot of sorts for attackers over the past month. In fact, many hackers have been exploiting DeFi protocols on BSC, with PancakeHunny being the latest to find itself the target.

The hacked transactions included 513 transfers and gas consumption of 19 million, of which a large number of transfers involved the ALPACA token.


PeckShield Flash Loan Alert | Source: BSCScan

Not long ago, PancakeHunny also experienced an attack. “On 3rd June 2021, at 1:46 UTC. A smart contract was created to exploit the Hunny Minter Smart Contract. The Contract was subsequently executed 91 times”, according to the preliminary report provided by the project.

Price manipulation is what happened in the HUNNY/BNB market too as it plummeted from $0.31 to $0.16.

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