DAO Maker crowdfunding platform was attacked by hackers, nearly 10,000 USDC accounts were attacked

The number of Defi protocols getting hacked continues to increase another protocol fell prey to the attack. According to information from a journalist specializing in the Chinese crypto and blockchain market, Wu Blockchain, the crowdfunding platform DAO Maker, has been hacked.

DAO Maker crowdfunding platform attacked by hackers

The exact amount stolen has yet to be revealed but reportedly ranged from the 9,000-10,000 USDC accounts that were attacked. Furthermore, Wu said that the USDC that users deposited was transferred out and swapped into 2,261 ETH, worth more than $7 million.

Currently, DAO Maker has released a new announcement, claiming that smart contracts are still safe. Presumably, staking and funding wallets were attacked but, according to developers, funds are safe and there is nothing to worry about. This shows that the deposited smart contracts are the names that are hacked. Moreover, this announcement also implicitly asserts that the hack will not affect the company’s work.

DAO Maker is a funding platform that provides technologies and funding to blockchain startups. To participate in funding rounds, members receive DAO tokens that they can stake in the vault, which was presumably attacked before the announcement from the developers appeared.

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