Dallas Mavericks accepts DOGE payments for entry tickets to the stadium tracking matches

Dogecoin (DOGE), a cryptocurrency that was originally born as a joke, has now become a payment tool for the Dallas Mavericks basketball track.

Dallas Mavericks accepts DOGE payments for entry tickets to the stadium tracking matches

The NBA confirmed on Thursday that it will be the first time that a major business organization has adopted DOGE, allowing users to convert the cryptocurrency to fiat via BitPay.

Dallas Mavericks has been accepting Bitcoin payments through BitPay for the past 2 years. Interestingly, however, the Mavericks are only the second to accept BTC, after the Sacramento Kings team in the western US.

Besides DOGE and BTC, Mavericks fans can also make purchases with Bitcoin Cash (BSH), USDC, GUSD, PAX, and BUSD.

BitPay CEO Stephen Pair said the NBA’s franchise is paving the way for the popularization of cryptocurrencies:

“BitPay believes that cryptocurrencies will be even more widespread as the industry is changing the views and beliefs of many people, as well as challenging many payment businesses.”

Mark Cuban (owner of Mavericks) shared his point of view when he made the move to integrate DOGE:

“It’s valuable, so why don’t we make use of it? Our payment gateway supports this currency. We will continue to HODL. This is a PR opportunity and it’s fun to do it.”

Previously, billionaire Cuban warned analyst Peter Schiff that gold will still be a store of value, but Bitcoin is the tool to help users truly become their own bank.

With Dogecoin, the coin exploded earlier this year, even surpassing Bitcoin in the frequency of being mentioned on Twitter. Billionaire Elon Musk sometimes even posts many lines of status to support this cryptocurrency.

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