Daedalus, a Cardano wallet developed by IOHK, received its biggest upgrade yet, ready for Mary fork

According to the information released yesterday, the 3.3.0 update of the Daedalus wallet, which aims to provide support for the upcoming Cardano protocol update, is complete. It is reported that Daedalus is tasked with providing support for the ADA token.

Daedalus wallet is improved in the latest update

Daedalus, a Cardano wallet developed by IOHK, just received its biggest upgrade, getting ready for Mary – the upcoming HFC event that’s set to bring native token support to Cardano.

What also stands out from the many new features introduced is the ability to register to vote for Project Catalyst Fund3, which removes unnecessary steps from Cardano’s chain governance.

Version 3.3.0 also brings a host of other updates to Daedalus, including a configurable SMASH server, metadata transactions, fee handling, ADA deposits, as well as support for Ledger devices are configured with a secondary PIN.

Daedalus is now able to display the redeemable value of a user’s wallet balance in fiat currency or a supported cryptocurrency. Conversion rates are provided by CoinGecko, but IOHK notes that calculated conversions should only be used as a reference.

Users will also be able to import wallets from secret.key files located in state directories of old versions of Daedalus. This significant a significant update for users that have lost their wallet recovery phrases, as the new version allows the import of wallets with just spending passwords.

However, the biggest and most important function unlocked in version 3.3.0 is the addition of Project Catalyst Fund3 voting registration. While still in beta, Project Catalyst is a program that will eventually bring on-chain governance to Cardano. The platform allows ADA holders to vote on proposed campaigns for Cardano’s development and receive rewards for participating in the governance process.

The latest version of Daedalus will allow users to register and vote for proposals in Fund3 directly in the wallet.

Voting for Project Catalyst will also use another major Daedalus update, which adds support for transaction metadata. Version 3.3.0 will allow Cardano transactions to show up on Daedalus containing additional metadata information, in addition to containing ADA and other Cardano native assets shortly. Transaction metadata can be used to provide additional context for transactions, a feature that would prove extremely useful as both the proposal and the Project Catalyst voting process become more complex.

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