CZ Shares Heartfelt Reflections as Binance Turns 6: It Was Never All Smooth Sailing

In a heartfelt letter to the users of Binance, CEO Changpeng Zhao, affectionately known as CZ, takes a moment to reflect on the journey of Binance as the company celebrates its 6th anniversary. From humble beginnings to becoming a global platform that provides financial access to millions of people worldwide, CZ shares some key moments that have shaped the company and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Six years ago, Binance started as a crypto-to-crypto exchange with just $15 million in crypto raised from supporters. With a small team and limited resources, they launched the Binance exchange with only 5 tokens in 2 languages. Despite the challenges, Binance rapidly grew and now supports over 600 tokens in more than 40 languages, with a robust customer support team and a thriving ecosystem powered by the BNB chain.

Early on, Binance faced a significant test of their principles when China issued a ban on crypto exchanges and ICOs. As a result, some projects listed on Binance experienced a drop in value, leaving investors at a loss. In a pivotal moment, the Binance team made a unanimous decision to use their own funds, amounting to $6 million, to compensate affected users. This decision, driven by the core value of protecting users, was met with overwhelming support from the global crypto community and helped Binance attract even more users, ultimately leading to profitability.

The journey was not without its challenges. Binance faced a lawsuit brought by a potential VC investor, which took multiple years to resolve. However, Binance’s sustainable business model and nimble approach enabled them to overcome this obstacle. Despite the lawsuit’s impact, it also prevented Binance from taking VC investors, which CZ believes ultimately worked in their favor by allowing them to remain independent and agile.

CZ also emphasizes the evolving regulatory landscape in the crypto industry. While there is still a lack of clarity on how crypto is classified in most countries, Binance has proactively embraced compliance and regulatory efforts. Binance.US, a separate entity focused on serving the US market, has obtained 43 state Money Transmitter Licenses, highlighting their commitment to operating in a fully regulated manner. CZ emphasizes that compliance and innovation can coexist and believes that regulations aimed at protecting users and fostering innovation are crucial for the long-term success of the industry.

The letter also touches on the challenges faced during the “crypto winters” of 2018 and 2022 when the market experienced significant declines. Binance’s prudent financial management during these periods helped them weather the storms and maintain their position in the industry.

Looking forward, CZ identifies several trends shaping the future of the industry. Traditional finance players, such as BlackRock, Citadel, and Fidelity, entering the crypto space validates the technology and will likely drive institutional adoption. CZ believes that DeFi (Decentralized Finance) will continue to accelerate, offering financial access to those who have limited penetration from traditional finance. He envisions DeFi surpassing traditional finance in the next six years.

CZ also emphasizes the importance of regulatory clarity and expects countries that get it right first will gain a significant advantage in the digital asset industry for centuries to come. Binance remains committed to collaborating with regulators worldwide to shape the future of digital assets and drive the industry forward.

Throughout the letter, CZ expresses gratitude to Binance’s users, acknowledging their unwavering support and highlighting their crucial role in the company’s success. Binance’s user-centric approach, fueled by user feedback and passion, has enabled them to disrupt the status quo and set new industry standards. CZ expresses his commitment to continue putting users first and pledges to do better in creating a thriving ecosystem.

As Binance celebrates its 6th anniversary, CZ’s letter serves as a reminder of the company’s journey and the significant milestones achieved. It also sets the tone for the future, where Binance aims to continue shaping the crypto industry while prioritizing user interests and working collaboratively with regulators.

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