Curve Finance CEO Michael Egorov Shatters Records with $41 Million Melbourne Mansion Purchase

Melbourne’s real estate market witnessed a groundbreaking transaction as Anna Egorova, the wife of crypto heavyweight and Curve Finance CEO Michael Egorov, secured the luxurious Avon Court mansion for a staggering $41 million.

The purchase of this prestigious property not only set a new record for the highest real estate transaction in Victoria this year but also showcased the couple’s growing interest in Melbourne’s prime residential locations.

It seems that the Egorovs have a penchant for investing in opulent properties, as they had previously acquired the neighboring mansion, Verona, for $18.25 million in March of the previous year. The combination of both properties now grants them an impressive landholding of 5663 square meters in the sought-after Shakespeare Grove area of Hawthorn.

Avon Court mansion
The sprawling estate occupies a huge 4300sq m block.
The abode is undeniably one of Melbourne’s finest mansions.
A chandelier and ornate ceilings catch the eye in the ballroom.
Then treat yourself to a hot bath in one of seven bathrooms.
Pretty snazzy Covid-19 home office set up.

Avon Court, an exquisite Victorian mansion built in 1890, boasts a remarkable four levels interconnected by a lift. The spacious residence encompasses nine bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a gymnasium, a steam room, two swimming pools, a playground, a mini soccer field, a 10-car basement garage, and six kitchens. The acquisition of such an iconic property reaffirms the Egorovs’ desire for luxurious living and establishes their presence in Melbourne’s exclusive residential landscape.

The basement garage has space for up to 10 cars.

The $41 million purchase of Avon Court was facilitated by the renowned real estate agency Kay & Burton, with Grant Samuel and co-agent Chen Sun of Ascend overseeing the transaction. While the agents have remained tight-lipped about the sale and the identity of the buyers due to a nondisclosure agreement, it is evident that the Egorovs have displayed an unwavering commitment to investing in prime real estate.

Anna Egorova and Michael Egorov first purchased Verona, which is next door to Avon Court, for $18.25 million. 

Michael Egorov, who is based in Switzerland according to his LinkedIn profile, has not yet revealed the couple’s plans for their expanded property portfolio in Melbourne. Speculation surrounds whether they will merge the two mansions to create an expansive Australian base or simply enjoy the upgraded lifestyle afforded by the Avon Court mansion.

The Egorovs’ extravagant property acquisitions are not unique within the crypto community. Previously, Edward Craven, the founder of stake.com, made headlines with his purchase of a dilapidated mansion on St Georges Road in Toorak for a staggering $80 million, further emphasizing the growing influence of cryptocurrency entrepreneurs in Melbourne’s luxury real estate market.

As Melbourne continues to captivate discerning buyers with its blend of cosmopolitan living and iconic architecture, the Egorovs’ recent purchase cements their status as prominent figures in the city’s elite circles. Their bold investments reflect the ongoing allure of Melbourne’s prestigious postcodes and exemplify the substantial wealth generated within the crypto industry.

While the true motivations behind the Egorovs’ expanding property portfolio remain a mystery, their latest acquisition undoubtedly showcases their commitment to creating an unrivaled lifestyle in one of Australia’s most coveted locations. As the couple takes ownership of Avon Court, Melbourne eagerly awaits their future endeavors and the impact they will have on the city’s real estate landscape.

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