CryptoNovo311, community of NFT traders and commissioners, was attacked by hackers

Attackers are currently conducting one of the first significant cryptocurrency hacks of 2023 by purchasing CryptoPunks NFTs from a well-known collector and pretending to be his Discord group.

Hack Alert: Top NFT Community Under Attack

Hackers are attacking CryptoNovo’s NFT collection, according to a statement he released on social media. CryptoNovo is an NFT aficionado and the group’s founder of the same name. From the CryptoPunks collection, at least three prominent NFTs have been taken.

ZachXBT, a well-known on-chain analyst, observed that the attack was carried out by con artists who had previously preyed on NFT owners. Wallets connected to the Fixed Float exchange were used to transact with stolen money at the beginning of November 2022. The analysts advise removing all authorizations for transactions involving the related wallets.

The attack may have caused net losses in the six figures. Representatives of the Fixed Float exchange have already pledged to assist with the attack’s investigation. CryptoNovo emphasizes that other owners of CryptoPunks NFTs may also be in danger.

The victim of today’s attack revealed around an hour ago that someone is using his name in the Discord community. The name, logo, avatar image, and links to his address are being misused by criminals. Other CryptoPunks holders were the target of similar impersonation attacks.

As a result, users who purchase popular Larva Labs collections should verify their privacy settings again. Previously, a single hacking organization was probably responsible for most hacks and Discord attacks in the NFT section.

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