Cryptocurrency miners in Malaysia were caught stealing electricity worth around $59K per month

According to information from Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB), Malaysian authorities have arrested five suspects involved in charges of stealing electricity, powering illegal cryptocurrency mining activities.


Malaysian cryptocurrency miners caught stealing $59,000 per month in electricity

Earlier today, a group of illegal cryptocurrency miners was put on hold for stealing at least $ 59,000 in electricity each month. Furthermore, the authorities are yet to investigate how long this illegal activity took place.

The SEB and the Electrical Inspection Unit (EIU) from the Sarawak Department of Welfare and Welfare were the first to spot illegal mining activities. The investigation, which lasted for two consecutive days, revealed that these activities were spread across four different stores.

The SEB said:

“Actual load readings are taken on-site showed that all five premises were consuming at least RM250,000 worth of electricity per month.”

According to the complaint, the culprit used the unsafe cable from the main power source:

“These were hidden in the gypsum ceiling and were connected straight to the electrical appliances, bypassing the meter and avoiding actual electricity consumption measurements.”

When the authorities checked their electricity bills monthly at all five townhouses, they all returned between $ 190 and $ 230 in monthly electricity bills. Authorities seized all unsafe connections after filing a police complaint.

In the past, these rare incidents have been around since 2018. Both the SEB and the EIU have investigated over 50 different electrical theft cases and are awaiting trial from the state attorney general.

Following the arrest, authorities raided 26 facilities conducting crypto operations in Malaysia’s Sepang district. The Energy Commission’s COO stated that the raids were conducted on suspicion of electrical theft. Joint raid operations are led by the country’s Energy Commission.

An official from Sepang Municipal Council said:

“The raid has captured more than 3,000 Bitcoin mining rigs. All 26 raided facilities have been sealed and combined to run unlicensed businesses and change parts of the building.”

The Kyrgyz government launched similar raids last week, shutting down an illegal Bitcoin mining facility.

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