Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase stores the most BTC

Even though we know hackers are constantly attacking exchanges, we still have a habit of leaving all assets on the exchange. Surprisingly, according to BitUniverse statistics, Coinbase currently holds 966,000 BTC. BitMEX and Bitstamp followed closely with 265,000 BTC and 229,000 BTC. Imagine if all three cryptocurrency exchanges were hacked on the same day, where would the market go?

How many Bitcoins does cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase stores?

As AZCoin News mentioned, Coinbase is a US cryptocurrency exchange established in 2012. During seven years of operation, Coinbase has accumulated over 966,000 BTC. With Bitcoin price around $ 7,250 at the moment, Coinbase currently holds up to $ 7 billion.


Source: BitUniverse

After Coinbase, BitMEX is the second name that holds the most Bitcoin, more than 265,000 BTC, a little less than 2 billion dollars. In third place is Bitstamp, with 229,490 BTC. Besides, Bitstamp also holds about 26,920 ETH and 861,830 USDT. At the same time, Bitstamp currently holds around $ 1.66 Billion.

Ranked fourth in the ranking is Bitfinex with $ 1.48 Billion. The fifth is Kraken for $ 1.33 Billion. Next is Bittrex with $ 1.07 Billion, Coincheck with $ 256 million, and finally, Poloniex with $ 166 million.

BitMEX has the most significant daily trading volume

Despite being the most store of Bitcoin on the market. However, it seems that users do not like to trade on Coinbase. According to the statistical trading volume from the exchanges, BitMEX currently occupies the first position with a total daily trading volume of over $ 2 billion.


Source: BitUniverse

It’s quite understandable because the cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX is the place where futures transactions are most widely used. Following closely behind BitMEX is Binance, with about $ 842 million in trading volume. Ranked third is Huobi Global, with $ 644 million. The highest-ranked exchange that does not offer Futures trading is BitMart at $ 607 million, followed by OKEx at $ 601 million.

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