Crypto Wallet Gatehub Lost Emails, Keys and Passwords Information of 1.4 Million Users in the Recent Hack

Password data and personal information of more than 2.2 million users have been violated for privacy because their data was posted online, including information from the crypto wallet service GateHub for data breaches., according to security researcher Troy Hunt.

gateHub leak
Leaks were discovered by Troy Hunt, who created a compromised password information site “Have I Been Pwned”, stating that the password data and other personal data belonging to about 1.4 million accounts on the crypto wallet Gatehub and 800,000 accounts on the RuneScape bot provider EpicBot that have been affected by the hack.
GateHub encountered such violations is not the first time.

On June 1, 2019, approximately 201,000 XRP transactions were sent between the two wallets warning of potential security breaches. Many people claim that they have collected $ 10 million in digital money. Hackers target things like email addresses, hashed passwords and XRP ledger’s secret keys.

The data posted online, including the email address and password, connected with both websites, was a cryptocurrency hashed with bcrypt, which Goodin described bcrypt as the most difficult to crack.

The data was posted on a famous hacker website in August. The people who posted the Gatehub database explained that this data involves two-factor authentication keys worth more than 3.7 gigabytes, seeds of mnemonic phrase wallet recovery and wallet hashes.

However, after an investigation, GateHub officials revealed that has no wallet been violated (personal data is used to access cryptocurrency accounts), no private keys are immediately exposed.

At that time, a fraud warning was sent by GateHub for malicious emails instructing users to transfer money into GateHub’s hosted wallets.

GateHub stressed that the fraud attack was conducted using emails generated from seemingly convincing domain names such as Gate gatehub.com. In addition, phishing emails from fake addresses from GateHub, such as “@ gatehub.com” and “@ gatehub.net”, are sent to users. Multiple user accounts will be compromised if not notified promptly. Therefore they will lose money for online scammers.

Recently, online hacking is one of the most significant risks for digital currencies in the world. What is worrying is that hackers are becoming more and more creative, looking for any ways to beat all the countermeasures of digital companies.

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