Crypto strategist Sean Benson forecasts explosion for these 3 altcoins

Widely-followed analyst Sean Benson shares with his subscribers 3 altcoins on this radar that have high possibilities to make life-changing gains for investors.

Pegaxy (PGX)

First on the trader’s list is Pegaxy (PGX), a true play-to-earn mech-styled horse racing game, built on the Polygon chain.

“Pegaxy is a racing game with futuristic mythological styling. Pega, or the horses, are descendants of the mighty Pegasus. In this game, players will participate in PvP format races to win rewards in the platform native utility token,”

He adds:

“Pegaxy has a very unique ecosystem that allows players to enter any race, for free. With this economic model, gameplay is very competitive, however, the rewards are still lucrative. Players compete against 11 other racers in an attempt to earn a top 3 placement.”

According to the trader, Pegaxy has recently chosen the highly capital efficient KyberDMM DEX for enhanced token liquidity on Polygon, with nearly $1.3M in PGX and KNC liquidity mining rewards.

Kryptomon (KMON)

Next up on the list is Kryptomon (KMON), digital collectible BEP721 NFT token monsters built on the BSC blockchain. The analyst shares that this project allows players to breed with other players to create new eggs with exciting traits and new levels of power.

“The demand for the eggs far outstripping the supply, we can see that Kryptomon eggs are averaging for approximately $400 on the secondary market. One of the rarest Kryptomon eggs, was also recently sold for an eye watering $15,356.6!”

Bension also shares that Kryptomon will be a much more appealing option to mainstream players due to its low gas fees, unlike other platforms that charge higher fees for transactions.

Sin City Metaverse (SIN)

The last altcoin is Sin City Metaverse (SIN), a new free-to-play and play-to-earn gaming platform built on blockchain technology. With a storyline similar to Grand Theft Auto, this game takes players to the most controversial cities of the world, where they can buy digital real estate and build their empire.

According to Benson, Sin City has 17 districts with a total of 15,000 parcels of land consisting of some of the most high-spirited cities in the world, ranging from Las Vegas to Rio de Janeiro. Anyone can purchase and own one or more parcels of land in the city and develop them using SDK kits provided in the development arena.

“In a game, as in real life, players cannot just build a 10mm city. Instead, it is a virtual world with a topographic structure that players can explore with their 3D avatar. Here, the player loads their avatar, and land in the game lobby and can choose from thousands of doors.”

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