Crypto Manager Kidnapped in Malaga, Spain: 1 Million Euro Ransom Demanded

A cryptocurrency portfolio manager of a Dubai company was kidnapped while on vacation in Malaga, Spain, according to Spanish media reports. The kidnappers demanded one million euros and access to his crypto program. However, the victim managed to take a photo that could reveal their location and sent it to a colleague, which led to a quick police dispatch and the arrest of three kidnappers. The victim, who is Syrian and lives in Hungary, was unharmed.

The victim had been with his kidnappers, who he thought were his friends, for several days, partying in luxury restaurants in Marbella. They met in a luxury villa in Benalmádena, where the victim was tied up and threatened with a gun. The kidnappers let him use his phone to access his cryptocurrency program and contact the person who had to pay the ransom.

The victim managed to take a photo through the window and sent it to a colleague, who contacted the police. An investigation against time began, and a large device made up of fifty troops, including the National Police negotiator, was dispatched to the luxury villa. The kidnappers were arrested, and a room full of plastic, weapons, gardening tools, and false identities were found.

One of the detainees has several false identities and a record for crimes of robbery with force in another area of ​​the country. Two of them had false Greek passports in their possession, and the Albanian had his original documentation. The three remain in police custody and are expected to go to court accused of the crimes of kidnapping, illegal possession of weapons, and injuries.

The fact that the victim contacted the police in the first hours of the kidnapping was essential for the investigation. An express rescue operation was launched, and the victim was freed in a matter of hours. This incident highlights the importance of taking precautions while traveling and being wary of new acquaintances, particularly when managing large sums of money, including cryptocurrencies. It also demonstrates the importance of quick action and cooperation between law enforcement agencies in cases of kidnapping and other crimes.

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