Crypto Enthusiasts: December’s Action-Packed Calendar Unveiled

Buckle up, crypto aficionados! December ushers in a flurry of events and milestones in the ever-dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of the marquee events and developments slated to rock the crypto sphere this month:

Dec 1-10: Unveiling Transitions and Unlockings

  • Dec 1: $TVK undergoes a metamorphosis into $VANRY through a rebranding.
  • Dec 1: $DYDX sees a significant $150M token unlock.
  • Dec 2: $JOE ventures into its next phase.
  • Dec 3: $SUI unlocks $40M worth of tokens.

Dec 4-9: Network Upgrades and Notable Changes

  • Dec 4: Neo-CLI v.3.6.2 marks its debut on the Neo Mainnet for $NEO.
  • Dec 4: Streamr 1.0 takes its first steps with the Testnet for $DATA.
  • Dec 5: V4 Mainnet launch for $LSK; meanwhile, $POLY faces delisting on Coinbase.
  • Dec 6: $QUICK also encounters Coinbase delisting.
  • Dec 7: Brace for a policy shift on NFTs within Google Playstore.
  • Dec 7: $KAVA unveils its Kava 15 Mainnet.

Dec 10-20: Key Announcements and Economic Events

  • Dec 8: BlockFi sets the deadline for Debt Proof Submission.
  • Dec 9: The tech world converges at Web3 Tokyo 2023.
  • Dec 11: $LINK opens Staking v0.2 for general access.
  • Dec 12: Eyes turn towards the U.S. Consumer Price Index.
  • Dec 13: The U.S. Federal Reserve reveals its Interest Rate Decision.
  • Dec 13: $APT unlocks a significant $171.93M worth of tokens.
  • Dec 14: $MATIC unveils its ZK Product Launch.
  • Dec 15: The FluxCore Beta arrives for $FLUX.
  • Dec 15: $WLD’s MM contract comes to its end.

Dec 20-31: Major Unlocks and Blockchain Events

  • Dec 16: Await the FTX announcement on the Stalking Horse bid.
  • Dec 18: $ATOM’s 4M tokens set to unlock.
  • Dec 19: $WAXP introduces its Tokenomics Update.
  • Dec 20: $FXS undergoes a Halving; $BETA launches on the BNB Chain.
  • Dec 21: A release titled “Midnight in Wiami” surfaces for $WILD.
  • Dec 21: Brace for a hefty $194M token unlock for $AVAX.

Dec 23-31: Closing Out the Year with Crypto Excitement

  • Dec 23: Dogecoin ($DOGE) embarks on its Doge-1 Mission.
  • Dec 23: $MATIC highlights $MATIC Adoption.
  • Dec 31: The year bids adieu with a substantial $41M token unlock for $OP.

🌟 Other Undated Events:

  • $APE explores Ape Chain Governance.
  • $SNX gears up for Andromeda (V3) Mainnet Alpha.
  • $ALPACA initiates the Immortal Wars Soft Launch.
  • $PHB marks AlphaNet’s Mainnet debut.
  • $RNDR unveils the BME Model.
  • $CRO conducts a Token Burn.
  • $HOOK announces HOOK 2.0.
  • $ZIL gears up for ZIL 2.0 (PoS).

With an array of unveilings, transitions, and updates set to hit the crypto market, December promises to be a month of immense significance and anticipation for digital asset enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for the thrilling developments unfolding in the crypto-sphere!

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