Crypto Brief Nov.26: Bitcoin will sink below $ 7,000 or hit $ 10,000 plus Ethereum, Ripple, TRON, Chainlink, Ontology, EOS, Kucoin, USDC news

From predictions about the short-term direction of Bitcoin to whales moving large amounts of BTC, XRP, USDC. These are some of the prominent news in the crypto space.

Crypto Brief Nov.26

Bitcoin News

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz feels dissatisfied when the Bitcoin price drops below $ 6,500. Although Bitcoin has risen more than 10% since that rapid decline, he said that bulls are still in danger unless they try to push the price above $ 7,500 over the next two days.

If Bitcoin does not reach that modest goal, Novogratz believes that moving sideways in a difficult way in the $ 6,000-7,400 range will be even more frustrating. However, he prefers BTC better than $ 10,000, a level Bitcoin has not seen since China forged.

The $ 10,000 level is also the price that PlanB, the famous Twitter analyst with the stock-to-flow (S2F) chart, shows that BTC / USD can easily recover five numbers before 2020. He tweeted:

“Call me crazy, but it wouldn’t surprise me if BTC closes 2019 at $ 10k + .. opportunities like this (bitcoin below S2F model value, 6 months before the halving) are rare.”

That means Bitcoin must increase by 40% from the current level. This is practically at hand – last month, the second-largest daily jump of cryptocurrencies ever reached about 42%.

According to PlanB, Bitcoin’s past price track rate with more than 90 percent accuracy and shows BTC will reach $ 1,000,000 by 2025.

Bitcoin Ban Is “Success Metric” in China

Blockchain CEO Adam Back doesn’t seem surprised when China is intensifying its crackdown on Bitcoin and crypto. The veteran CEO claimed that Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Google, and other major internet companies were banned in this communist country.

The ban issued in September 2016 could serve as a measure of success for the leading cryptocurrency since China realized its groundbreaking potential.

In October, Chinese President Xi Jinping commented on blockchain as a breakthrough, which has had a positive impact on the crypto market. As a result, Bitcoin increased by more than 40% in a day and altcoins also recorded a two-digit percentage increase.

However, the excitement quickly faded away after China has clearly stated its stance against crypto. The country’s central bank advises people not to engage in crypto trading.

While the ban may be a good thing for Bitcoin, many believe that China holds great power that can affect Bitcoin. Bitspark co-founder Maxine Ryan told WSJ that it was the dominant force behind BTC price movements.

CME Bitcoin futures contract is about to expire

A cryptocurrency analyst is giving a warning about the upcoming expiration of Bitcoin futures at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

CME Bitcoin futures are paid in cash, essentially allowing people to bet on the BTC price.

Venture Coinist’s Luke Martin explained in a tweet on Nov.25 that Bitcoin prices often fall during the days leading up to the event.

However, up to now, no concrete evidence of conspiracy theories about manipulating Bitcoin futures has existed for months.

Whale transfers bulk BTC

Although the crypto market has changed positively today, the anxiety surrounding the market has not shown any sign of decreasing.

In the last 22 hours, there were 13 transfers of BTC between exchanges and between exchanges with unknown wallets. A total of 16614 BTC was transferred, equivalent to about $ 97 million in value at the time of transfer.

Source: Whale Alert/ Twitter

Ethereum News

The Ethereum Foundation is encouraging network node operators to update as soon as possible, no later than December 1, 2019. All you need to do is download the latest version of their Ethereum client, before the planned upgrade Istanbul took place. Accordingly, the upgrade will take place at block number 9,069,000, scheduled for Saturday, December 7, 2019. The exact date may change due to block time and time zone changes.

The Istanbul hard fork is the eighth hard fork since Ethereum launched in July 2015. Its goal is to update the entire system to improve the efficiency and security of the blockchain.

Ethereum’s core developers are currently looking for any serious bugs in the code and if there are any findings, the launch date will be pushed back to January.

KuCoin News

KuCoin exchange has announced a strategic partnership with fiat on-ramp Banxa service. The goal is to implement an instant conversion to cryptocurrency for all KuCoin users.

The new partnership allows KuCoin customers to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) with Australian Dollars (AUD) and Pounds Sterling (GBP). Users can also use bank transfer, debit/credit cards and news network of 1,200. Banxa is currently adding more global payment options to its platform with the goal of providing services to users around the globe in the future.

KuCoin supports USDT-EOS

KuCoin officially supports USDT tokens based on EOS (USDT-EOS). Deposit services are currently open while withdrawal services will be opened separately.

KuCoin upgrades public chain Ulord 

The Ulord public chain upgrade is now complete and UT deposit and withdrawal services now open.

EOS News

EOS blockchain has been having a problem for almost a month now due to the EIDOS application. Since November 1, EIDOS has overloaded EOS’s main network, similar to the case of CryptoKitties on Ethereum.

Transactions that used to be free on EOS have now turned into a minimum stake of 100-EOS. Without stake, the transaction will not be made.

The betting dApp EarnBet allows users to make sports bets via stake in cryptocurrencies (EOS, BTC, LTC, etc.) currently unable to transact on the EOS network.

EarnBet dApp has asked the EOS Block Manufacturer (BP) to resolve the issue completely or the dApp will be the first to leave within 30 days.

ChainLink and Ontology News

ChainLink partnered with Ontology Network. Chainlink will provide developers building on Ontology w/secure & reliable oracles to bring data-driven automation to global markets.

ChainLink is now the world’s leading solution in building data-based smart contracts with advanced security in the US. Meanwhile, Ontology is one of the premier enterprise-focused smart contract platforms in China.

Tron News

CEO Tron just shared the network’s recent achievements on Twitter (from November 18 to November 22).

  • The total number of transactions on the TRON network has hit 800M.
  • TRON has been added on FCoin Official & Cashierest Official.
  • A new acquisition has been completed.
  • TRON X OKEx Merry Giveaway is still ongoing.

Ripple News

TransferGo, a digital money transfer company, which signed a partnership with Ripple in 2018, plans to expand to Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa with RippleNet.

TransferGo’s CEO, Daumantas Dvilinskas, stated that Ripple’s blockchain technology is a boon to their businesses, allowing UK customers to send money transfers to their relatives in India only in a few minutes.

Therefore, they were able to become strong competitors of countless similar companies in the crowded Indian market.

TransferGo can reduce fees for customers by up to 90% as Ripple also allows them to compass the process of integrating different banks.

TransferGo is also exploring how it can use ODL to transfer money without having to hold money in bank accounts around the world in a process called funding.

Ripple invests its final account in MoneyGram

Ripple is investing the last $ 20 million in payment giant MoneyGram.

Earlier in June, Ripple invested the first $ 30 million in MoneyGram. With the new round of negotiations, Ripple now owns 9.95% of the company’s outstanding common stock.

MoneyGram has quickly become the most advanced user of Ripple’s XRP-based payment solution (ODL) since the two sides started working together.

MoneyGram said it is currently moving about 10% of Mexico’s peso foreign exchange transactions via ODL.

MoneyNetint wins award for most connections on the Ripple network

MoneyNetint, a global payment platform, has won Ripple’s Best Connector Award for outstanding business development over the past year. The award will help strengthen the company’s position as a leader in cross-border payments and grow user base worldwide.

Although still a young company, UK-based MoneyNetint has established itself as a leader in the cross-border payment revolution.

Traditional international transactions have limited businesses operating around the globe and forced them to limit their customers to those within the borders of their country. And this is why MoneyNetint started creating a platform that will manage payments and monetary needs of businesses around the globe.

Whale transfers XRP

49,999,995 XRP (11,033,148 USD) transferred from Unknown wallet to Bitstamp, according to Whale Alert.


Whale Alert has reported that 15,000,000 USDC (14,856,844 USD) minted at USDC Treasury and soon was transferred to an unknown wallet.

Other News

Travala establishes a strategic partnership with the giant of Booking.com

On its official website, Travala spread the word about its strategic partnership with Booking.com. As part of this collaboration, Travala has integrated its room list. Booking.com enters its premises, with more than 200 countries and nearly 100,000 destinations.

Travala accepts payments in 20 digital currencies including major currencies, such as BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, TRX, BNB, as well as traditional fiat payments – via PayPal and cash cards. line.

Besides, Travala has AVA tokens that can be traded separately and customers can also use them to pay for reservations.

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