Holochain has had to clarify that no funds raised in its $20 million ICO were used to build a bondage studio in Denver, run by Holochain executive director Mary Camacho.

Sleuths on notorious internet forum 4chan discovered that Camacho was the owner of Studio Friction, described as “Denver’s home for rope and aerial art,” on Sunday. Subsequently, Holochain’s social media profiles were inundated with comments, including a claim that funds from the ICO could have been used to build the bondage studio.

The news does not appear to have affected the price of Holochain’s cryptocurrency HOT either. While its price fell seven percent yesterday, that mirrored a sudden market drop, led by Bitcoin.

TronWallet News

TronWallet, the decentralized peer-to-peer (p2p) multi-currency crypto wallet with Bitcoin and easy to use, has recently announced the release of TronWallet 3.1.0, which reportedly comes with new built-in Support Center and robust bug fixes.

According to the update, the newest version 3.1.0 is now live on Apple Store and Google Play. This version is adorned with an improved and optimized SWAP feature for BTC, TRON, and TRX-based tokens.

It also comes with lots of design enhancements, some bugs fixes, coupled with a brand new built-in support Center for mobile and desktop apps.

After the launch back then, the team that develops and maintains TronWallet kept receiving input, feedback, and suggestions from the dedicated users as to what to add, remove, and bugs to fix in this newly released version.

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