Crypto Brief Dec.23: Bitcoin will enter 2020 with a bullish note plus Ripple, ETH, BCH, BTT, ADA, DGB, VET, Binance, KuCoin, Bitrue news

From Bitcoin’s aggressive new year beginning to Bitrue added 27 new XRP pairs. These are some of the prominent news in the crypto space.

Crypto Brief Dec.23

Bitcoin News

Today, Bitcoin became the focus when the price broke above $ 7600, as AZCoin News reported. BTC also witnessed a set of factors suggesting that 2020 could start with a bullish note.

Cryptocurrency traders and analysts have started to raise the price when support and resistance are tested again.

According to Crypto Michael, Bitcoin currently faces a new resistance at $ 7,800, with the potential of retesting $ 8,000.

Josh Rager also expected the price to rally higher once monthly resistance is tapped.

BTC currently faces another phase of pressure in both directions, potentially sparking other short battles and new heights.

Open interest and immediate volume witnessed growth in most cryptocurrency exchanges. Bakkt futures also rose as the Bitcoin price began to change positions.

Tone Vays: Predicting Bitcoin price to reach $ 250k by 2023 is irresponsible

One of the most prominent Bitcoin price predictions comes from Tim Draper, one of the most famous venture capitalists in the Silico Valley. Draper, for over a year now, has said that the BTC price will easily reach $ 250,000 – 3,400% higher than the current price – by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

However, Tone Vays, a former Wall Street trader who became a cryptocurrency analyst, said the prediction was quite irresponsible. Vays was ironic that he believed Bitcoin would reach $ 50,000 by 2023 much more responsible.

Bitcoin Cash News

BCHD and Openbazaar developer Tyler Smith has published the first draft specifications for a protocol called Snowlolobe. His Github repository states that Snowglobe is a propagating protocol for nodes using Nakamoto Consensus.

Smith is well known for his contributions to the Bitcoin Cash full node BCHD codebase.
After publishing the Snowglobe document, Smith asked the developers to freely give constructive feedback or contact him through Avalanche or BCHD Slack channels.

Cardano News

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, the company behind Cardano, said the Shelley incentivized testnet, made a big push.

According to PoolTool, people are now making a 7.5 billion ADA deposit, worth around $ 256 million, at the time of writing.

Charles said he was surprised by this result because when planning this, his team targeted 25 – 50 independent stake pools beyond the Emurgo, IOHK and CF [Cardano Foundation] infrastructure. There are currently about 340 registered and have passed the 100 saturation point.

Bitrue News

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue has announced a small Christmas gift for the XRP community: 27 new XRP pairs.

Of the 27 new trading pairs, 14 will be released on December 25, with deposits/withdrawals for these 14 new cryptocurrencies that will be available on December 23. For the remaining currencies/tokens, deposits/withdrawals will be enabled on January 9 and the transaction will be live on January 13.

List of cryptocurrencies paired with XRP. Source: Bitrue

VeChain News

Although the last week has been a strain for the entire VeChain team, this is also one of the most rewarding experiences for the team.

Public disclosure of the acquisition address breakdown including the latest updates, next steps, and internal management decisions has been released.

KuCoin News

KuCoin has completed the MainNet token swap of Travala.com (AVA), and the deposit and withdrawal functions are now open. AVA has been swapped to AVA (Bep2). Users can deposit NEP5 AVA to NEO address, Kucoin supports the swap automatically converting all users AVA (Nep5) to AVA (Bep2) on a 1:1 ratio.

KuCoin added margin trading for KCS with 10x leverage

KuCoin has announced that they will add KCS as the platform’s latest margin asset, supporting KCS / USDT trading pairs with leverage up to 10 times.

Margin is a popular feature of KuCoin. Prior to KCS, KuCoin margin trading supported Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, EOS, and Litecoin on 12 asset pairs at the end of October.

DigiByte News

DigiByte is a highly decentralized, fast-growing, and public blockchain and is the longest UXTO blockchain worldwide. As the first major blockchain to deploy Segregated Witness (SegWit), as well as having overcome various scalability issues, DigiByte has expanded to 10M blocks.

Binance News

Staking seems to have become popular in the crypto industry. Binance launched Binance Stakes in September.

Recently, Binance Research revealed an estimated annual output for staking assets, in which Kava is leading the rankings with its expected annual output of 14-16%.

Ripple News

Exim Bank, the leading bank for compliance and operations in Euro, is revealing new details about the company’s use of Ripple and XRP.

In an interview with The Silicon Review, Graham Bright, Euro Exim Bank Limited Head of Compliance and Operations, confirmed Euro Exim’s use of XRP for cross-border payments. He also said the company is also using Ripple’s payment messaging system to send Swift messages.

XRP price’s positive outlook

Trader XRPJoker said the price of XRP is performing similarly to December 2017, before XRP reached an all-time high of nearly $ 4. He suggested the community not to miss the opportunity to reserve XRP while its price is still cheap.

Meanwhile, trader CryptøManiac101 says that he expects a bullish breakout on the XRP / BTC trading pair.

BitTorrent News

BitTorrent is giving away 7 Million $BTT to welcome 2020 to BitTorrent community, including a special big prize for this Christmas. The program starts from 12:00 AM on December 23, 2019, to 11:59 PM on January 1, 2020.

Ethereum News

The Ethereum network will be scheduled to be upgraded at block number 9.2 million, which is expected to occur on Wednesday, January 1, 2020. The exact date may vary due to the time of the block and time zone.

Ethereum announced on a blog post that users to upgrade their nodes before Wednesday, December 30, 2019, to calculate the variable block times.

Competitor of Ethereum 2.0

Lucas Nuzzi, Director of Technologies Research at Digital Assets Research (DAR), described an unexpected competitor of Ethereum 2.0.

Instead of another smart contract platform, Nuzzi proposed that a fork like Ethereum 1.0 of the Ethereum network would be the most dangerous competitor for Ethereum 2.0.

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