Crypto Brief Dec.18: Bitcoin candle is flashing “buy 13” signal plus Ripple, ETH, NEO, EOS, TomoChain, BitGo, BSV, XLM, USDC, TRX, Kraken, Circle, OKEx news

From the current buy signal of Bitcoin to the new Ethereum’s hardfork in January 2020 to delay the Ice Age. These are some of the prominent news in the crypto space.

Bitcoin News

The latest drop to the $ 6600 area of ​​Bitcoin had led to the formation of an important bullish technical signal on the chart, which is seen when BTC confirmed its macro bottom in December 2018.

Market analyst Thomas Thornton posted a Bloomberg Bitcoin chart with the TD Sequential Combo Index showing that the current BTC candle is on “buy 13”. This is an indication that the price reversal is about to occur.

13-candle were seen when Bitcoin reached $ 20,000 in December 2017 and other 13 – candle, were seen when BTC bottomed out at $ 3,150 on December 14. What’s more, a 13-candle was printed at the highest level of $ 14,000 seen in June this year.

December had implications for the Bitcoin market. While the last months of the year are often associated with major price movements in the market, the past two years have seen their own boom, albeit very differently.

Analyst “The Moon” pointed out that exactly two years ago, the bull race took Bitcoin from $ 1,000 in early 2017 to ATH of $ 20,000 on December 16, 2017.

Strangely enough, also on December 16, Bitcoin hit a local low of about $ 3,200, currently considered the bottom of the 2018 bear market. It bounced back to nearly $ 14,000 this summer before returning to its current price of $ 6,720. Although yesterday saw a significant drop, December of this year was not as dramatic as in the previous two years.

Ethereum News

The price of Ethereum has dropped more than 60% since hitting a high on June 26. It is currently trading very close to a major support area.

Since the Istanbul update, many people in the Ethereum community have had high hopes for the upcoming Ethereum 2.0. However, this enthusiasm was curbed as Ethereum developers announced that the fork would take longer to launch.

This can be considered negative news as the price of Ethereum is in desperate need of rally once it has been in the downtrend for 175 days.

Technical analyst Rekt Capital has confirmed this resistance line and thinks this is a major event for price action since ETH has declined since confirming the resistance.

New Ethereum hard fork coming in January

Ethereum is currently required to have another hard fork in January, less than a month after upgrading Istanbul.

In the Istanbul update earlier this month, developers made a mistake in estimating when the “difficulty bomb” feature that slows down the block, otherwise known as the Ice Age, becomes a threat. Because the bomb will explode earlier than originally anticipated, another hard fork is needed to take place to delay it.

At the Ethereum Core Devs Meeting # 77 four days ago, it was all agreed that a new hard fork, Muir Glacier, would be activated at block number 9.2 million, likely on January 1-4, 2020.

Ripple News

MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes explained why blockchain giant Ripple is best suited for his troubled company in an interview with CNN. Holmes also revealed that neither he nor his company owns any XRP.

Tron News

Tron CEO Justin Sun shared the views of prominent environmental activist Greta Thunberg and plans to raise $ 1 million in cryptocurrencies to support her.

Greta Thunberg is the girl who recently became world-famous due to her heavy criticism of the world government and industry leaders regarding their environmental policies.

OKEx News

OKEx has re-scheduled the Firma Chain listing and will announce it as soon as possible. The reason is that the exchange is conducting technical upgrades (product upgrades) to provide traders with the best experience.

BitGo, BSV, XLM News

BitGo announced in a December 18 blog post that users need to move or convert the amount they hold in altcoin Bitcoin SV due to compatibility issues.

BitGo said the upcoming BSV hard fork, called Genesis, contains a protocol change, which means its wallet will not be able to receive transactions.

The hard fork is set to happen in February 2020. After that time, BitGo users will only be able to spend the remaining BSV tokens, not accepting incoming transactions. The company advised users to transfer their BSV to another wallet – or sell it completely and convert it into Bitcoin.

In addition, BitGo also officially announced support for Stellar.

Monero News

Riccardo “Fluffypony” Spagni, the major maintainer of crypto-oriented Monero, has officially resigned, according to a statement on Monday.

“Fluffypony” has led the Monero project since its launch in 2014 and will now continue as a backup maintainer. Snipa, a longtime online contributor to Monero, is taking on the role of Fluffypony.

It is not clear why Fluffypony resigned.

NEO News

NeoSPCC has released an updated version of NeoGo, a NEO button implementation written in Go. The latest release, dubbed Constellation, includes full support for dBFT consensus, allowing developers to run their own NeoGo private networks.

Meanwhile, former NEO exec, Zhao Chen, one of the largest blockchain companies in China, has joined CMCC Capital, a Hong Kong-based venture capital firm. Chen will join the company as a partner to open an office in Shanghai to take the lead in capital investment in mainland Chinese blockchain companies.


Whale Alert reported that 10M USDC just minted at the USDC Treasury as Bitcoin slumps further down today. Many are claiming it might be a sign that a reversal is in play.

TomoChain News

TomoChain has partnered with Wadz Official to enable online payment solutions and point of sale throughout Southeast Asia. Wadz is switching to TomoChain from Ethereum and its token will be released using TomoZ (Zero Friction protocol) to provide users.

And, TomoChain’s mainnet 1st birthday has taken place with the achievements achieved in the past year.


The IOTA Foundation has supported the development of node implementations written in Go. This implementation – called the Hornet – is currently available as a beta version. This is a more lightweight take on IOTA’s Java node implementation (IRI). The functionality is on par with the latest version of IRI, with the exception of local snapshots, which will be added soon.

Kraken and Circle News

Kraken, San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange, stated that it acquired Circle’s over-the-counter (OTC) desk on December 17 blog post.

Circle Co-founders Sean Neville and Jeremy Allaire have confirmed the sale of Circle Trade OTC business to Kraken.

EOS News

Block.One’s venture capital firm, EOS VC, has opened the app for a new program. It will award $ 50,000 grants to projects seeking to improve the EOS ecosystem.

EOS VC said there will be no predefined criteria for a successful proposal. There are no requirements for applicants. Projects can be current EOS community members or those who plan to build on the protocol.

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