Credit Suisse shares plunge over 25%, hit all-time low

Credit Suisse, the Swiss banking giant, is facing tough times as its shares plummeted by more than 25% in early trading on Wednesday, hitting a fresh all-time low. This drop reflects growing concerns about the bank’s ability to stabilize its operations and avoid further losses.

The news has sent shockwaves through the financial markets, as Credit Suisse is considered one of the most prominent and influential banks in the world. Its troubles could have far-reaching consequences, potentially affecting other banks and even the global economy.

Credit Suisse’s bail-in bonds, which get wiped out in case the bank runs into serious trouble, have also fallen in price. The bid prices on the 2027 bonds on Tradeweb have slid to 55 cents on the dollar from 72 cents the day before, trading close to 90 cents at the start of the month.

Source: WJS

The chairman of Credit Suisse, Axel Lehmann, has attempted to allay concerns about the bank’s stability, stating that its capital and balance sheet were strong. However, this has done little to calm investors, who remain jittery about the bank’s ability to weather the storm.

Furthermore, the chairman of Credit Suisse’s largest shareholder, Saudi National Bank, has said in a Bloomberg TV interview that it is not considering topping up its investment in the bank, citing regulatory restrictions. Saudi National Bank owns 9.9% of Credit Suisse, and capital requirements often prevent banks from holding more than 10% of other banks.

The Swiss bank has been shrinking its operations to stem financial losses and customer outflows. However, this strategy may not be enough to reverse the bank’s fortunes, and some analysts are predicting further trouble ahead.

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how Credit Suisse will respond to these challenges and whether it can stabilize its operations. The bank’s struggles are likely to have far-reaching consequences, and investors around the world will be watching closely as events unfold.

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