Craig Wright said he could not access to his Bitcoin fortunes

Craig Steven Wright is a controversial figure who claimed to be the main part of the creative team of Bitcoin, and the identity behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Many people in the cryptocurrency community believe he did not invent Bitcoin and does not have any extensive riches as he claimed.


He was ordered by a judge to surrender about $3 billion of his Bitcoin holdings, but he stated that he will do as the judge’s demand soon if he could.

According to Bloomberg News, Craig Wright said that he cannot guarantee that information will in fact arrive to help identify the coins he has to split in a legal dispute. The Australian scientist and business added that he did not know where the key to his fortune was, as well as those coins would be available or be actually used next month.

The judge at the U.S. Magistrate in Florida stated that Wright had filed false documents and purposefully lied in court. The judge Bruce Reingart ruled out that Mr. Wright has to reimburse half of the BTC he had mined together with the late partner Dave Kleiman to his brother Ira. At the time, half of the Bitcoins were valued at about $4 billion, but the digital token’s price has declined since.

Earlier, AZCoin News wrote that the cryptocurrency community afraid that once Ira Kleiman receives the BTC from Wright, he would want to sell all his stored BTC immediately, leading to a strong decrease in Bitcoin’s price. However, it never happened.

Some investors have also concerned that numerous of the coins, supposedly locked in Wright’s complicated trust holding about $6 billion, could affect the market.  Talking about this, he stated he did not intend to throw away his family’s BTC as some people suspect or want, because it would damage many people in the industry.

Roche Freedman LLP Vel Freedman who represents the Kleiman estate said in an email that Judge Reinhart found convincing evidence that proves the encrypted trust file doesn’t exist and Wright’s testimony about it was “intentionally false.” The litigant’s position has always been that Wright has access to the Bitcoin now and “no bonded courier” needs to arrive for him to get access, Freedman added.

The lawsuit will continue in March 2020.

Dr. Wright shows another evidence proved that he is Satoshi Nakamoto

About a week ago, during a Skype interview, Craig Wright demonstrated a document that is supposed to confirm that he created the Satoshi Nakamoto figure. He said he was inspired by Tominaga Nakamoto, a famous Japanese philosopher.  Wright said “honest money”, which used to be written in Tominaga’s work inspired him to create Bitcoin. However, the document that he showed during the interview on Skype is too blurry to see all the details.

A screenshot from Wright’s interview

In May 2019, Wright has used UK libel law to take legal action against people who denied he was the inventor of bitcoin, and who called him a fraud as well. Some of them include Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, who called Wright a fraud; Roger Ver, an early bitcoin business, and supporter; and Peter McCormack, a podcaster.

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